Lindsay Lohan's Court Appearance Today: 10 Super Embarrassing Moments (VIDEO)

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No one makes a court appearance quite like Lindsay Lohan. And not too many people have made as many of them. LiLo seems to treat her court appearances as chances to appear in the press -- with her big round sunglasses and various obviously meticulously chosen outfits, I always get the feeling LiLo is channeling Lana Turner at the trial of her daughter, who stabbed Lana's bad boy Mafia lover to death. At any rate, LiLo's court appearance this morning didn't disappoint -- everything from her outfit, to her sentence, to her mid-hearing altercation with her lawyer screamed Draaaammmmaaaaa. Seriously. No one can do court like Lindsay.

Here are 10 embarrassing and surreal moments from Lilo's court appearance today.

Missed planes. Lindsay somehow managed to miss not one but two planes out of New York so she could get back to L.A. for her hearing. Well, she didn't "manage" to miss them. She chose to. The first one to attend a concert instead, the second one because she got off of it at the last second because a reported fuel leak scared her.

Late. Of course. Lindsay has a well-established reputation for being late to pretty much everything, and this appearance was no exception. She was almost an hour late. You'd think since nothing but the mercy of the judge would prevent her from going to jail she wouldn't want to risk pissing off the judge by being late. But this is LiLo we're talking. She's in a different time zone than, well, everyone.

Her outfit. Lilo changed into a fresh change of clothes for court -- and it was a sheer outfit with a see-through top and pants. I don't know about you, but see-through is definitely the way to go in court.

Glitter bombed. A fan (?) outside the courthouse threw gold glitter at Lindsay as she entered. At least it wasn't water. Wait, her outfit was already transparent.

"Locked Rehab"! To avoid jail time, Lindsay copped a plea to spend 90 days in "lockdown" rehab. I'm not sure what that is, but it reminds me of that song "Hotel California" and the line, "You can check out any time you like, but you can never leeeeave ... " (guitar solo)

Psychotherapy. Lindsay was ordered into psychotherapy for 18 months.

Drug testing. Lindsay has to undergo drug testing. Doh.

Don't drive. The judge told Lindsay not to drive. Ha! That'll happen when Amanda Bynes stops driving. 

Her lawyer. Lindsay's lawyer, Mark Heller, couldn't stay in his seat during the hearing and kept jumping up to make some point. LiLo finally snapped at him, "Don't say anything else." But when he jumped up yet again, LiLo muttered under her breath, "Oh my God, I'm going to kill you." Now, Lindsay, that would certainly get you some jail time. Maybe.

Her father. Lindsay's attention-whore father, Michael, stood yelling outside the courthouse, calling her lawyer a "pariah" and accusing him of "witness tampering." Honestly, with a father like this, is it any wonder Lindsay has issues?

What do you think about LiLo's sentence?


Image via TMZ

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nonmember avatar blue

I think she deserves jail. but oh well. At least, she got something...? My goodness, she looks terrible. She looks like an old, washed up stripper. How sad.

nonmember avatar PaigeR

She should be in jail. For a while.

nonmember avatar Tim

Whether jail or lockdown rehab, just keep her away from the public for all of our good as long as possible. She's the kind of girl who gives others bad names. I don't know her and have seen her in many many many more tabloids than movies (she was an actress, right?). But right now, she's worth less than a penny. And pennies are being phased out by some places.

coco_... coco_rose

She needs to go to jail she basically is getting away with everything she does if it was anyone else thsy would have got locked up the first time. The media just needs to stop talking about her and when she is forgotten maybe she can sort her shit out

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