‘Twilight’ Writer Takes the Blame for Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart’s Messy Lives

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kristen stewartRobert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have suffered the kind of unbearable media attention that rips couples apart. And whose fault is that? Stephenie Meyer's, that's who! The Twilight saga author is claiming responsibility for all the fame and torture RPatz and KStew have endured the past few years. Stephenie Meyer feels responsible for Robert and Kristen's woes.

Yeah, Stephenie -- you REALLY should not have written an enormously popular young adult series about sex-starved vampires. Now look what you did! You ruined two perfectly nice actors' lives. Does anyone else think Meyers is being a little to hard on herself? Here's what she said.

Here’s the thing: there are some actors who are looking to be world famous, to be that household name, and although they might discover that there are a lot of negative things involved in that, it’s what they want. But that doesn't apply to Kristen and Rob. That’s what makes it kind of ironic and tragic.

Okay, fair enough. Kristen and Rob just wanted to be actors... in movies. They were unprepared for the media circus. Twilight FAR surpassed Stephenie's wildest dreams for success, but while she gets to live quietly with her family in Arizona, Rob and Kristen have a pack of bloodthirsty paparazzi nipping at their heels everywhere they go now.  

On the other hand, if it weren't for Twilight, would they ever have even met each other, much less become a couple? Probably not -- and they have Stephenie Meyer to thank for that, too. I'm sure their relationship suffered from the public scrutiny and total lack of privacy. Oh -- and that little affair didn't help, either. It's probably been utter hell in many ways. But I bet there are parts of the past few years that neither Rob nor Kristen regret.

I think Bella and Edward would agree -- better to take a chance on love and fail than to never try at all. If Kristen and Rob don't last, that doesn't mean their relationship was a waste. It just was -- and hopefully they both learned and grew as people.

Same goes for the insane experience of being the stars they are now. It's hard being hounded, but they get career opportunities they wouldn't otherwise get. And you know what? Fans are fickle. People adore Robert now, but someday the heat of RPatz passion will fade, the paparazzi will stop following those two around so much, and they'll be able to live somewhat more normal lives again.

Do you think Stephenie Meyer should blame herself at all for Rob and Kristen's troubles?



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Shandi80 Shandi80

I think the media and the world of blogging probably has to do a lot with their relationship woes. Daily, weekly, there are speculations about them  - one minute they're together, one minute they're splitting up,  the next minute they're both cheating on each other. If their relationship is even real and not just to sell the movies, I could imagine all of the gossip mongering would effect it. Give it a rest already.

Brittany Godell

its not the authors fault kristen stewart cheats on robert i like twilight u cant blame the movie or the author  kristen stewarts a whore thats all is to it

Laura Shelton

I have to say that if Rob and kristen are meant to be together they will be together no matter what the tabloids say the strength of a relationship isn't based on gossip it's based on how 2 people feel for one another. I don't even read the tabloids cause it's nothing but Junk. And people will always put junk out there to make money and you got the dum dums that buy into the he's cheating she's cheating she tricked him into getting pregnant thier getting married they broke up blah blah blah as soon as those people get over it and stop buying into it and wasting money then the writers who make it wouldn't have any way of getting it out there so then they might actually have to do work and get real stories. As for Stephnie she is being too hard on herself I think rather she made Twilight or not Rob and Kristen would of found each other. It was fate that they got together they didn't have to fall for each other for real when it came to the movie 

Cathy J Zink

Brittany grow the hell up really?? You can't even spell!! If you actually look at all the videos on this matter you can tell that it is all fake!! Kristen is NO whore but may =be you are and just trying to make yourself feel better by knocking others down. As far as the writer of this story is concerned GROW THE FUCK UP AND GET A REAL JOB CUZ YOU SUCK AT THIS ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Patricia Corliss Stump

they need to learn to let the people's words go and just live there live's and be together if that is what they want and not blame anyone for anything that they wanted to do . life is too short to care what everyone else is saying . love each other and be happy.

Elizabeth Simard

i don,t think its stephanies fault at all i think kristian and rob are the most perfect couple there is and i think the media needs to leave them alone and let them live they,re lives and stop putting the blame on anyone.

Awma Awma

WOW!  SM is one powerful woman to  be able to push unknown actors to stardom all by herself...no help from the actors themselves, screen play writers, media or fans.       give me a break.  BTW actors....people actors...they didn't have to take the role.  It's not like someone held a gun to their head.....

Liz Hemzack

no! that's stupid.they met they fell in lust, she cheated, that is all!

Lisa Gladigan

Another stupid article, seriously, write about something that really matters for a change. 

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