Emma Watson’s Latest Comments Make It Clear She’s Not Playing Anastasia in '50 Shades'

emma watsonIf you were hoping and praying that Emma Watson would be cast as Anastasia Steele in the Fifty Shades of Grey movie, you may want to have a seat: She's not. Watson has all but officially confirmed she's not doing the movie, tweeting over the weekend: "Who here actually thinks I would do 50 Shades of Grey as a movie? Like really. For real. In real life."

Damn, Emma, tell us how you really feel.

Last week, the group of Hackers responsible for leaking Beyonce and Kanye West's personal information, reportedly hacked into a German film company's files and discovered that Emma was "confirmed" to star in the movie. But now Emma's telling us that that's not true. Well, actually, she isn't hard-core telling us that that's not true, as much as she's writing a vague, cryptic tweet that may be construed as making fun of the movie. I dunno. I mean, technically, I guess she still could play Ana, but she sure as shit doesn't sound like she has any interest. Am I making any sense here?

Personally, I don't see Emma in the role, as A) I just don't, and B) I just don't harder. I'm sure Emma would do a bang-up job (heh) as Ana, as she's a fantastic actress, but it really just doesn't seem to be her bag. She's more of a magic wand girl than a whips and chains girl, know what I mean, jelly bean?

Who do you want to play Anastasia Steele?


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youth... youthfulsoul

Good thing she feels that way because that would be a horrible mistake to cast her in that role. Aside from looking about 15, she doesn't have the right look. 

Vegeta Vegeta

Good cause the book friggan sucked donkey dong. She probably doesn't want to be in a movie that sucks worse than twilight

Annie... Anniegrace

She could've just simply said "No I'm not doing the movie". It's like she slammed the story/movie. She wast right got Ana anyway. Emilia Clarke is the PERFECT Ana! She has the right look and won't shy away from the nude as risqué scenes. She'd totally bring it!

Laure... Lauren0983

Well jeez Emma, we didn't want you anyway! Emilia Clarke it totally Ana! She's semi-unknown but has the experience, and she has the perfect Ana vibe. Felicity Jones and Lily Collins are my other 2 favorites. Can't see anyone else but one of them as Ana!

tesscat tesscat

like i said. she's way too good for that crap and she knows it ;)

Bobbi Jo

Nina Dobrev or Alexis Bledel

Lindsay Gillis

Rose McGowan would be a great Anastasia Steele!

Janette Espinoza

Like I said before.....there is NOT going to be a movie! It would have to be considered porn if they actually put all the sex scenes in it so it isn't going to happen!

Brenda Quail Wilkins

As long as it's NOT Kristen Stewart then I can pretty much accept anyone. Okay, maybe not Rose Mc Gowan as she's not the right age bracket nor style of Ana. Those who keep saying that the books stunk, I'm beginning to believe they haven't read the books at all.

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