Brandi Glanville Admits ‘RHOBH’ Scenes Are Staged – We Knew It!

brandi glanvilleReal Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville apparently gets in trouble so often that she has to have a Bravo representative on hand when she gives interviews, lest she say something that gives too much away, or something that damages the show, or gives us a peek too far behind the curtain at the difference between reality, and reality TV.

But! We're in luck. When Brandi (and her Bravo rep) sat down with BuzzFeed, Ms. Glanville actually let us in on a secret despite her wrangler. She basically confirmed all our suspicions that a) Lisa Vanderpump runs the show and b) that scenes are staged.

When asked what her relationship is like with Kyle Richards, Brandi used an example about how Brandi's a good, loyal friend (implying, of course, that Kyle isn't) and then went on to accidentally spill the beans about that whole Scheana sit-down:

... When Lisa did her show, I didn't necessarily want to sit down with Scheana. But my friend had a show, and it was going to be helpful. So after a little debate with myself, I decided to do it. Because I wanted her show to succeed, and I'm always tweeting about it. I think when you really care about someone, that's what you do for them.

Welp, there it is. The show's a big fat lie and Lisa's pulling the strings. Brandi just admitted to the cross-promotional mess that was that episode and while I feel vindicated, I also feel sad. Sad like that time I saw Prince Charming, in costume, smoking a cigarette behind the Wilmington, Delaware playhouse. The veil has been lifted.

At least Brandi's still dropping truth bombs, though. Even though they kind of kill the illusion of the show, I can't say I want her to stop. The more dirt we can get, the better.

Quick, someone distract her Bravo chaperon.

What do you think of this revelation?


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CAP1015 CAP1015

Really?  It took you this long to either realize these shows are scripted/staged/etc?  Or this long to admit what you already knew?  There are no real "reality shows" any more, it seems the TV world doesn't believe real "real life" is interesting enough for us limited IQ viewers, so they 'correct" it.

It's actually been this way since after the first "real world on MTV".................also this just in, Santa, the Easter Bunny and Tinkerbelle..............not real doesn't it?


littl... littlesuzyfrog

Lindsay, If you watched the show, you would realize that scheena's pretty broken up about it, and she is upset that she can't work parties because of brandi's presence.  It would be in Lisa's best interest for her business, to have the ladies sit and chat.  There is always some reality in "reality".  

Karen Mitchell

I knew all of these shows were staged. I thought everybody knew

Craft... CraftyCookie

Of course there are aspects of it that are staged, you thought it was a coincidence that the cameras happen to be filming right at the precise moments that drama breaks out?  That's silly.  My understanding has always been that they will prompt the drama and then take it from there, kind of the same concept as setting fire to a house, you know it's going to burn if you light the match, but the extent of the damage is not predictable.


Sandee Morelion

I don't think she's admitting the entire show is staged at all, judging by this article. I take it at face value, something she didn't really want to do but did it for Lisa. I got that exact vibe watching the episode. In fact, I had suspicions that Lisa was using Brandi just for the Schaena Whatsherface drama and being able to capitalize on it for that ridiculous VPR show. Just my opinion but Brandi's statement to me is a far cry from saying the entire show is staged.

jerse... jerseydiva

someone is getting fired! lol!

Mary Als Worker

If Lisa is such a good friend I would find a way to let sheana go,at least that's what I would do for a friend

nonmember avatar AmandaL.

This picture of Brandi perfectly captures her. Says it all. Legs up in the air. & it appears that she & her bff Jennifer Jimenez are spilling Housewives secrets to Enty Lawyer "Crazy Days & Nights!" You go girrrls! make that $$$$$$$$$

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