Mila Kunis' Big '50 Shades' Confession Has Her Apologizing to Fans

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Mila KunisWhen it comes to which actress should play Anastasia Steele, there are a ton of heavy-hitters in the ring including Emma Watson, Alexis Bledel, and Selena Gomez. Well it looks like one big name is ducking out: Mila Kunis. We've heard tons of rumors about the former That '70s Show actress playing Ana. At a recent press junket for her newest film Oz Mila finally spoke up about the opportunity, saying:

"This Fifty Shades of Grey thing is just not gonna leave is it. No, you will not see me in Fifty Shades of Grey, I'm so sorry."

Well, there you have it, Mila Kunis doesn't want the part. To be brutally honest, I don't blame her. In fact, I think that she's making a good decision.

Here's the thing -- Mila has a very established thriving career as an actress. From her gig in Black Swan to something a little more subdued in Friends With Benefits, Kunis has played a wide variety of roles. Fifty Shades of Grey is obviously a trilogy -- one that will take up a very huge part of her time. I'm just not sure if something like that is right for her, and clearly she's on the same page.

With that said: there's nothing wrong with Mila not wanting this role. We all know that there are dozens of actresses who do. Now with a rumored summer 2014 release date, it's only a matter of time until we find out who's gonna grab it. 

Do you think Mila is making a good decision? Would you have wanted to see her as Anastasia?


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Ally Swarrow

Didn't cafemom tell us over a week ago that she had declined the role?

Serab... Serabelle

i feel like this roll might be career suicide for anyone. from everything i have heard it will be carring a NC-17 rating, which means that it is one step below porn. most serious actresses, especially ones that are interested in doing more family type movies like Oz, are not going to want that on thier resume. it can tarnish your career. look at elizabeth banks after showgirls. if any big name signs on, it will surprise me.

Laure... Lauren0983

@Serabelle - Did "Eyes Wide Shut" ruin Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise? No. Monsters Ball w/ Halle Berry, Shame w/ Michael Fassbender and Carrie Mulligan, Blue Valentine w/ Michelle Williams and Ryan Gosling, all originally going to be NC17. Just seconds away. They're not ruined. They're all going stronger than ever. People who say this is porn clearly haven't read the books. This is a HUGELY anticipated movie and the books have millions of fans. If they get a good director and cast the right actors this will be a huge success as long as it follows the story too. It's far from career suicide, the books have created a phenomenon and these actors will be the next big thing. I'm assuming it'll get an R rating for theaters, even though it deserves NC17. Anyway though, they need to hurry up with some real news already! We already know Mila is not doing it not is even right for the role.

Melissa Lopez

I think Mila would be perfect for the part of Ana. I also can understand why she doesn't want to do it, I don't think it's a role that would hurt someones career.

Jmwill78 Jmwill78

Actually, it had already been reported that this will carry the NC-17 rating, IMO I think Mila is right to turn it down. This trilogy is something that is to bring an actress up in the light (possibly back in the light). I would love to see Ian and Kristen Bell as Christian and Ana.

boshs... boshs1andonly

I don't think its such a bad thing that she turned it down, for whatever reason. But if she did do it because it's a huge commitment, i get that too. I don't think it's going to ruin anyone's career though. 

Laure... Lauren0983

@Jmwill78 It was reported that Kelly Marcel said it would be NC17, but she came back at that saying that she never said it would be NC17 and that it's not even up to them it's up to the ratings board after the script is complete. The script was still being worked on when that report came out. So that was false. Not to say it won't get that rating, but that report in particular was wrong.

Lenor... Lenore411

I've never read 50 shades...  But I'd take the part, I'd love to be in a movie :D

nonmember avatar Tiffy

I really think Alexis Bledel fits ana's character. I would hate to see Selena Gomez play the part.

nonmember avatar Donna

I've read the books and really don't need to see a movie about the trilogy.

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