'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans Doesn’t Parent Her Son, But That’s Not MTV’s Problem!

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Jenelle EvansOh for the love of Mike! Did you hear the latest complaint about Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2? The folks over at The Clicker are shocked, shocked I tell you, that the storylines rarely have anything to do with Jenelle Evans being a mother.

In a story dubbed "Has Teen Mom Lost Its Original Message," the Today Show off-shoot criticizes the MTV reality show for trying to fit Jenelle's son Jace into the action. We're supposed to take this as proof that Jenelle and her co-stars are anything but the reality of teen parenting and join the chant to get Jenelle off the air, quick, quick!

Pardon me while I roll my eyes.

Do they even GET the show?

Yes, the Jenelle Evans we see on MTV is a crappy mother. We've seen her prioritize smoking weed, hanging out with her loser boyfriend, and even getting her boobs done over spending time with her own son. It's painful knowing that she's laughing all the way to the bank with those MTV checks for being on a show about teen motherhood ... when she doesn't do much mothering.

But I'm not sure what the folks at The Clicker -- or anyone of the people who insist Jenelle should be kicked off the show -- would prefer? First America gets pissed off that the show "glamorizes teen pregnancy." Now they're mad that they show a teen parent who actually sucks at teen parenting?

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They do realize that the likes of Kailyn Lowry and Chelsea Houska, who actually seem to really enjoy spending quality time with their kids, are only half the story, right?

We never see Jenelle with Jace or Jenelle being a "real mom" because her mother has custody of him. Just like the grandparents of 6 percent of the kids in America. Every day in this nation crappy parents lose custody of their kids, and grandmas and grandpas step in to care for them!

Love Jenelle Evans or hate her (and let's face it, plenty of America does that!), she's as real as her co-stars. Without her and her mom doing the "mothering" of her child, Teen Mom 2 would only tell half the story of teen pregnancy in America.

Fact: Jenelle Evans isn't destroying America by setting a bad example. America is already full of bad examples. They're off partying while Granny takes care of the kids.

Do you think Jenelle Evans needs to be taken off Teen Mom or is she just part of the story?


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nonmember avatar Christie

She's part of the story and like you said she's the reality for a lot of teen moms and grandparents that end up being young parents.

And don't get me started on the idiots saying the show glamorizes teen pregnancy. What I've noticed is, the only people who say/post that are the ones who don't or haven't actually watched the show.

nonmember avatar Nicole

wouldn't be good 'reality' TV if there wasn't someone to hate...

Seren... Serenity013106

MTV is showing Janelle because unfortunetly, most teenage moms act like her.....It's reality! Debra gets money too for being on the show..She's not hurting either....I'm not a fan of Janelle but MTV should show her. Show people that it's not always as easy as it seems.

nonmember avatar MichaelaM

I wholeheartedly agree with MTV's continuing coverage of Jenelle, because she is a stellar example of the other side of teen parenting. Will there be another rendition of the first Teen Mom? Probably not with Amber still in prison, who was/remains the first "Teen Mom" who spiraled out of control. I was a teen mom, I made some bad choices way back when, but I'm now the proud, college-educated mother of three boys, two of whom are teenagers. Most of us find our way, and sadly, a number of us will not. Portrayals such as Jenelle's and Amber's might be the best lesson we have to encourage our young women to make better choices.

Cassidy Marie Ascherl

I Believe MTV does glamorize Teen pregnancy, and i do think Jenelle is a horrible mother and should be kicked off Teen mom but it wont stop her from being the way she is maybe when her son grows up it will be a perfect example of how NOT to act and be 

nonmember avatar Chelsey

I don't think she needs to be takeing off the show just cause she don't take care of her kid I mean ya she should cause that's what teen moms are surpose to do or any parent really but I do think tht she needs to pay more attention to her son then worrying about doing other stuff like dating and trying to keep a relationship she also needs to worry about getting stuff worked out with her mom so she can at least work on taking more care of her son

Rachel A Walter

should stay on the show because it shows People of what parneting can be like if you choose these kinds of things as a mother of teen parneting. I would say that it is interesting but for the fact someone needs to guide her in the direction that she can become a better parnet and teach her mother on parneting because if her mother was a great parnet she would never lost her child and was more better at a teen parnet. I blame it on the mother of jenelle .

Theresa Marie O'Dea

Do you ever think that they want her portrayed like that ? She is actually a very good mother & takes care of her lovely Jace , Teen Mom is scripted & always has been .. Don't think this shit happens as truth .. So shut that drama shit up & GROW up .. She is AN AMAZING MOTHER , MTV just portrays her as bad .. IT'S SCRIPTED !

nonmember avatar shelby

i dont think she should be taken off the show. she and her mother do go to show how the life of some people goes..for example my mother is raisin her grandson while his mother does whatever..his father just recently got out of prison and is doin the best he can do on bein the father he should be. jenelle isnt the only person now days that has had to let her parent take over until ready and willin to take on the responsibilities of a mother full time. shes goin through addiction which is a disease shes got to take on for the rest of her life and its not easy. i believe one day she will mature a lil more get completely clean and get her son back.. people need to stop hatin on her so much give the girl a break

Nina Fabela

yea take her off shes not being a other her mother is eing a mother to her child

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