Kris Jenner Freaks Over Kylie's Fling With Jaden Smith Because His Parents Might Be Scientologists

kylieNobody's nominating Kris Jenner for Mother of the Year anytime soon, but it sounds like her latest concern might actually be in the best interest of one of her brood: Apparently, Jenner is worried about 15-year-old daughter Kylie Jenner's relationship with 14-year-old Jaden Smith (son of Will and Jada Pinkett Smith), because of the Smith family's alleged involvement in Scientology. For the record, Will and Jada Pinkett Smith deny being Scientologists, but they have donated some pretty serious amounts of dough to the, um, "church" at the urging of their good pal Tom Cruise. And sources say that makes anti-Scientology Mama Kris nervous. Because Scientology is a super-creepy cult, right? And she doesn't want her kid signing a billion-year contract to bow down before Xenu, of course.

Well, maybe not for that exact reason.

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Word has it Kris Jenner is freaking about the Scientology thing because the, um, "church" controls the finances and business decisions of its members -- and hey, nobody controls the finances and business decisions of the Kardashians (except Mom, that is)! So what at first seemed like a profitable pairing to Jenner now looks like so many dollars going down the drain. According to a "close insider:"

“They were going to be the new Kardashian ‘celebrity couple,’ Kris’ mind was go­ing a mile a minute thinking about all of the business deals she could make in the teen market. But after pals alerted her to the Smith fami­ly’s attachment to Scientology, she started having second thoughts about the relationship.”

Oh. So, Jenner's concern is more of a business thing than a maternal thing. Oh well. By the way, has anybody else noticed we're talking about a 15-year-old and a 14-year-old?! Cause adolescent relationships always last forever.

Do you think Kris Jenner is really worried about Kylie becoming a Scientologist?


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Rian Christian Banks

As a secular humanist I am saddened to see attempts made at Hollywood celebrities to join irrational cults with no evidence supporting them. In Humanism, you don't have to even join a church or a group you simply have to live a rational life and hopefully a happy one. It's that simple, there is talk about Demi-gods rising from the dead or Evil Intergalatic Overlords....but he can call me up anytime he wants to play spore!

nonmember avatar Geri

WHY the hell can't all those KarTRASHians and Jenners get the gonads to tell that money hungry, greedy, narcasistic, low class, mommy pimp to go to hell and get the hell outta their lives before they all wind up a miserable, control freak like their dear old plastic surgery addicted bitchy mother? Hell, I would rather be poor than to live with her breathing down my neck and controlling my life! She sells her daughters out with their bodies. Wonder how long it will be before Kendall and Kylie start taking THEIR clothes off for the cameras and wimpy Brucie won't have a damn thing to say about it until he gets the gonads to in telling his idiot wife to back off! How pathetic! I have boycotted "ALL things Kardashian" and stopped watching their scripted trash they call a "reality" show...everyone should the same.

nonmember avatar zoe

Your "um" bigotry and hate are the problem. What if I said "why is she letting her daughter's date all these black back men?" Or "Is she crazy to let them date a Catholic?" That's not OK you say? Interesting.

nonmember avatar ayan

everyones got there own oppnion if there aint anyhting nice to say then dont say anything at all. you shouldnt compare peoples races with other peoples comment too its offensive i think kylie and jayden are too young with all this and if they say theyre friends then they are friends and if theyre dating and wanna keep it to their selves then thats them we're all humans and we all have diffrent oppinions and live diffrent ways if your gonna say anything insulting then just shut up. Pleasse..

nonmember avatar Kat

If she's not worried, she should be. Scientology doesn't just control the finances of its members, it controls the lives of its members.

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