Robert Pattinson Likes Being Away From Kristen Stewart & That Can't Be Good

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Robert Pattinson & Kristen StewartIf the whole "absence makes the heart grow fonder" thing is really true, then Kristen Stewart can probably go ahead and breathe a huge sigh of relief.

But then again, considering there's a new report saying that Robert Pattinson isn't thrilled about leaving Australia in three weeks once production on his new movie wraps up, maybe Kristen should start freaking out over the possibility of losing her man for good.

Yep, according to RadarOnline, Rob's having a big old time Down Under filming The Rover and is already "beginning to get nervous about returning to L.A. and Kristen."

A source says that the location where filming is taking place is "in the middle of nowhere," and has been, "the ideal setting for him to forget all his troubles and bury himself in his work."

And oh yeah, supposedly he digs chilling out with the cast and crew in the outback once working hours are over. (Can you blame him? It's like he's a real life Crocodile Dundee, or something.)

Come on, it's totally understandable that he's enjoyed living his life out of the public eye  -- wouldn't you if you were him? I mean, he and Kristen already had paparazzi following their every move, but after she cheated, their level of privacy decreased even further. It's kind of hard to pick up the pieces of your relationship and try and build a happy life together with cameras lurking around every corner.

And aside from the many downsides of being one half of the most famous couple in Hollywood, it's probably best for Rob to stay away from Kristen for a while in general. Once he's done filming The Rover, he'll really have time to take a step back, relax, and figure out whether he wants to settle down with Kristen for the rest of his life, or throw in the towel and move on once and for all.

And if he does decide to remain Down Under instead of hopping on a plane back to L.A. the minute filming is done, I think we can go ahead and say bye-bye to Robsten. If the time they've already spent apart hasn't made them realize they want to be together, odds are good their relationship just isn't meant to be.

Do you think Rob and Kristen being apart for so long probably means a breakup is inevitable?


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Tabitha Logue

that is fucking stupded he loves her very much only thing he cant stand is all the bull shits that u and ever other idiots talking crap about him and her thats why he dont want to come back to the usa and i dont blame him one bit ks is going to move there to so kiss my ass and stop talking shit about them if you want to write tell the truth and not lies

nonmember avatar Lindsay

I think the public needs to stay outta their business

nonmember avatar Tiffaney

It's no wonder they are both under so much pressure and stress. They can't enjoy any time together without someone flashing a camera on them or ppl constantly scrutinizing the relationship and all the small non important gestures to death. The news a paparazzi beat them to death like someone beating a dead horse. The horse is not getting back up, and ppl need to give this couple a break from the constant harassment of the daily grind and "scoop" from their lives. How could ANY relationship stay strong and solid with all the crap they are doing and saying about them!!!! OMG-osh........ Leave them alone for goodness sake.

nonmember avatar Donna

It kind of shoots down your story when you check out Robsten twitter and it says that Rob is already in LA. Today is 3/19/13.

Charidy Williams Anaya

Just leave him alone. Why is it ANYONE'S business?? I just hope he finds happiness in anything he does. I appreciate his talent and of course think he's beautiful, but it's none of my business who he is dating or who he isn't dating!

Wileen Byroads

It's evidently Good for Rob!  He looks great when he isn't all stressed out!

Stephanie LaHue

he needs to leave her cheating ass for good

JoAnn Huntington

check your facts fool he's back an staying in her house they even went out to a karaoke bar an had pics taken with a fan they are not broken up he's been staying at her house since the 16th your rag is all lies an made up chap about them you need to just quit your lying about them

Nenna... NennaCowan

I would love to be with him to have his two kids and be married, Mrs. Pattinson! Why did he get cheated on! All nice people tend to get shit on :'(

Reta Wiyrick-Meline

This is such a crock! Pictures are out he is back in LA with Kristen and it shows them with a fan! All this crap about them not together anymore, just proves you cant believe anything on these sites.

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