'Real Housewives of Atlanta' Recap: Kendra's 'Gay' Ex Walter Is Stalking Her

Poor Kenya. She's being stalked by her ex-boyfriend, Walter Jackson. Who she thinks is gay. Let's back up here, because this gets cray. On tonight's episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta, Kenya was shocked to learn that her ex, Walter, who she dumped after a trip to Anguilla where Walter didn't want to have sex with her, came to the same fundraising event she's at with the ladies. Of course, he didn't quite just "show up." Her friends had invited him, despite knowing (or rather because they knew) that he was the last person Kenya wanted to see. Kenya's date for the event was former NFL player Jamal Anderson, who she says is just a friend. She's convinced he wants more than that -- though he didn't act like he wanted more than that in the slightest. What's up with guys not wanting to get down with Kenya Moore?

Kenya had lots of things to say about Walter behind the scenes, but at the event she played it cool. She was seated at the first table, and Walter was at "table oblivion, where he belongs," so the two didn't come into contact.

But Walter made pals with the housewives' husbands. With them, he relates his version of the sexless Anguilla trip: He was shocked that Kendra confronted him about his lack of libido. He says that Kenya, at 42, is too old for him. Uhhh. Nice try, dude. Why'd you go on vacation with her then? Why are you dating her?

The next day, Kenya and Cynthia go shopping for outfits for an upcoming costume party, and there Kenya delicately confides her suspicions that Walter might be gay. "I never even saw the man with an erection," she tells Cynthia. Okay, that wasn't exactly delicate.

She claims when she confronted him about whether he was gay, he didn't say no, he just asked, "Why do you think that?" Err, I don't know about you, but I'll take that as a "yes."

Kendra tells Cynthia to find her a guy, but "nobody on the down low. I've had enough of that the past six months." She concludes that Walter would have liked her more if she'd had "pecs instead of breasts." So I guess we all know how Kenya feels.

Walter is invited to the next party (naturally), which is at Kandi Burruss's palatial estate (and did you check out that ridic room for her daughter, Riley??). And no one bothers to tell Kenya (naturally). Walter, miffed that Kenya is spreading gay lies about him, tells the guys he is tempted to straighten things out with her (Haha. Too late for that, dude.). But he says he doesn't care what she thinks about him. Besides, he brought a hot young date with him. Whom he then proceeds to ignore all night.

Kandi is the one to tell Kenya that her ex is at the party. She denies she invited him. (Never mind that the party is at her HOUSE.) Kenya freaks out that Walter is "stalking" her and she doesn't have her security team with her. Hm. Walter isn't the only drama queen.

Meanwhile, Porsha Stewart wants a baby and her husband, Kordell, sounds like he'd sooner get a root canal. "We have to be on the same page about it," Porsha laments. But it I don't even think they're reading the same book. They're not even in the same library.

Kordell tells her she needs to choose between her career and a baby. And Porsha is appalled that she has to make a choice. Why can't she have both? Sounds like a guy who doesn't want a baby, so these two might have some serious problems down the road.

Do you think Walter is gay?


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nonmember avatar Merdiatra

You don't have to approve that comment. I would just suggest you make the corrections before anyone else sees this.

nonmember avatar Sam

Other than the Kenya/Walter drama. You have the names all mixed up.

nonmember avatar TW

Sam is right...Porsha and Cordell (not sure if it's spelled right) have the baby issue, not Phaedra and Apollo. Not sure who Kendra is but I think you meant Kenya. And I don't think a man asking why someone thinks they r g. ay, means that he is. Other than that, I enjoyed your blog

nonmember avatar Tuli

Walter has hamster cheeks and he doesn't seem to like or respect women. UGH. Kenya is a trip, but without her there would have been no drama. She earned her salary.

Nene was right when she called Phaedra "Fake-dra". And now this roly-poly butterball doing a fitness video.

Barbara Schuima

 No, he just doesn't "do" CRAZY !!!!!

nonmember avatar MainQuestion

Actually Kenya made herself look stupid because why would she pester a man to marry her if he, in her mind, didn't find her attractive? Their "storyline" makes me believe Walter's radio interview about the relationship being staged. I thought about this too: if I were invited on a trip (more than likely sponsored by Bravo), I would go too! That's a free vacation!(lol)

nonmember avatar Chloe

I don't know why Kenya is so wound up about Walter. Good riddance! The guy is NOT attractive at all...very plain middle aged looking, and his attitude towards women are horrendous! WHO would want a guy like that? Also, the girl he brought to Kandi's party is no beauty either, and sure looks older than the 24-26 age group he says he dates. Kenya may be Cra, but at least she's hot!

coco_... coco_rose

Ummm is her name Kenya or Kendra??? You really should double check what you write before you post!!

ms_da... ms_danielle_j

I dont think that walter is gay I just think he was never interested in Kenya like that...Now I do feel as if she could do better than walter cause he is absolutely not attractive and that lame ass attempt to make kenya jealous by bringing that ghetto chick to Kandi's housewarming party was just a hot ass mess! He didn't look interested and his "date"...no comment! LOL

Timika Bolt

I don't think Walter is gay,he's not into Kenya.He probably scared she'd get pregnant purposely to make him marry her, she seems that desperate. I'd go on a free trip if someone offered it to me,who she didn't say she paid it. Stalking her Really! He was invited

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