'Teen Mom 2' Recap: Jenelle Evans' Latest Ridiculous Choice Is the Last Straw

Jenelle EvansThis week in depressing MTV Teen Mom 2 recap news, Jenelle Evans has new boobs and a new/old/new boyfriend (seriously, her life is so confusing). Of course, she isn't the only person on the show. But sometimes it feels like she is.

The other girls -- Kailyn, Chelsea, and Leah -- all have their own issues that are going on. Chelsea is being forced to move from her house, Leah is getting back together with Jeremy, and Kailyn is moving in with Javier.

Of course, though, it's always Jenelle whose problems usurp all the others. This week, her issue was breast implants. Oh yes, our intrepid hero of reality television got breast implants, which she like totally needed, right?

Well, that's true if you ask Kieffer. Calling her "president of the itty bitty titty committee" (what a classy guy) was his grand contribution to the evening.

Of course, that was his ONLY contribution because it wouldn't be MTV's Teen Mom without Jenelle breaking up with someone. This time it was Kieffer who hit the curb just as Gary came back into the picture. Meanwhile, Jenelle spent half the episode drugged up and in pain and isn't it a bad idea to take pain meds so soon after rehab?

Who even keeps track anymore?

This poor, poor girl is a total mess. I could go on and on about Leah and how she is jerking Jeremy around to such a painful degree. I could talk about Kailyn and wonder, even though she is happy, why she has to move so fast with Javi. But none of it even looks silly when you compare it to Jenelle.

The absolute last thing she needs is breast implants. Is that really the best use of her MTV cash? She couldn't think of anything better to do with the money she earned?

It's sad. So very, very sad. But it's also not just about Jenelle. It's about a little boy who didn't ask to be born to such a mother. She loves Jace, I have no doubt. But she has no clue what it means to love someone and care for them and be prudent about money because it's better for the child. My heart breaks for Jace. I have no doubt that in 16 years, his life will be a mess and no one will have to look very far to know why.

MTV needs to stop showing it. At this point, it's just irresponsible.

Do you think Jenelle made a good choice to get implants?


Image via MTV

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jazmy... jazmyne123


nonmember avatar erIca

I dont agree wIt the boob job one bIt. I thInk she could of bought a house for her self and maybe work on gettIn baby jace back. after the mIney stops comIn In all the gIrls r goIn to look back and wonder y they dIdnt use there money a smarter way.

nonmember avatar Kaila

No, the baby should of always came first! and that girl doesn't need bigger breast! just because her boyfriend said she needed bigger boobs and was calling her the "itty bitty titty committee" just shows how much of an asshole he is and how much she deserves more and a better life! for both Jace and Janelle.

motha... motha2daDuchess

she should have told the surgeon that she was fresh out of rehab, then they would have denied her meds.....she is a mess and I can't feel sorry for her...

HayLaura HayLaura

This is Janelle's last season on the show because she is such a  bad influence to all the teens watching, but i am sure we will still hear about all the bad decisions she is going to be making in the future. :(   Did you see the Preview for next weeks show....  Kailyn hauls off and hits / slaps or pushes Javi.... really, is she that violent ?  I guess now it makes sense when she got into that scuffle with Joe... She probably started that fight and he was just protecting himself....  But I am not a Joe Fan at all.... what really drives me crazy is CORY and his stupid chewing tobacca in his mouth.  That is even more disgusting that teens smoking / drinking or doing drugs.  Gross Cory, that has to make your breath stink and your teeth grody.  And Chelsea is driving me crazy too because she wants to move so bad, but taking her daughter away from the grandparents is just wrong. She needs to finish beauty school and not be a beauty school dropout. I think if she moved away she would be a MESS and that would not be good for Aubrey.  Ok, done ranting for tonight.   tsk tsk

nonmember avatar Stephanie

Honestly, its her money. If it made her feel better about herself, awesome. I'm sure you've purchased frivolous things before because they made you happy.

nonmember avatar jennifer

Nope Jenelle 100,000% didn't need to get fake tits! They look absoluetly awful on her tiny body frame!!! Jenelle is a very selfish & self centered person! Jace is better off without her! & I thought it was hilarious Jenelle & her roomate had to hide the pain pills from the hooded wonder cuz ge's such a scumbag that he'd actually steal them. Since all of this was filmed over a year ago. I was disgusted to hear Jenelle is back with her loser husband Courtland. Funny how he has 6 charges on him 4 beating Jenelle's skanky ass. I take it those charges against Courtland are 100% false cuz she's back with him. Everytime she breaks up with any1 she cries abuse! This trashy skank is a HOT MESS!!! POOR JACE! Jace has a trashy skanky selfish mom & a deadbeat father! There really isn't a bright future 4 this poor kid! & Babs is crazy as hell too!

nonmember avatar Sara

Y'all complain about how ridiculous these women are, yet if they had their lives together you wouldn't even know of them- & definitely not watch a reality tv show on their individual lives. It would be boring. I honestly can't imagine what other sorts of things some of you find important.

One Love

jhslove jhslove

Stephanie, I can't agree. We're paying off student loans right now, and all of our spare cash goes toward paying them off early so that we can start socking money away as aggressively as possible for our daughter's education, our retirement (so we won't be a burden to her in our old age), etc. Most adults that I know make similar decisions. I would be beyond embarrassed and ashamed of myself if I spent thousands of dollars on something like a boob job instead of my family's needs. It's one thing if you can truly afford it, but she clearly can't if her son's needs are being compromised. (Disclaimer: I don't actually watch this show, but I gather from reading the article that this girl isn't exactly sitting on a hill of assets gained through hard work and fiscal responsibility.)

Then again, the difference here is that I'm an ADULT. I'm not a teen who got knocked up and then had her terrible, stupid choices rewarded and glamorized by an exploitive TV network. I shudder to think what's going to happen to that child when she's no longer on the show and the MTV paychecks aren't rolling in anymore. Maybe the boob job money could have been put toward HER education so that she would actually be qualified to do something worthwhile once the reality TV world gets sick of her, which it inevitably will, and probably sooner than she thinks.

nonmember avatar rebecca

i think that by mtv making a reality show out of teens getting pregnant more girls are going to get knocked up on purpose in hopes of becoming famous. thanks mtv for another useless contribution to society.

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