Ryan Seacrest & Julianne Hough Split, but Do You Believe Their Official Story?

Ryan Seacrest Julianne HoughRyan Seacrest and Julianne Hough have broken up after almost three years together, the couple have confirmed. But it's the "why" behind the Seacrest-Hough split that's still a bit of a mystery.

The official story is the familiar one when it comes to stars' relationship endings: their hectic lives got in the way and they drifted apart. New reports out today quote sources as saying that Julianne "couldn't handle" Ryan's workaholic tendencies and the whole thing just got to be "too much."

Seems legit, right? With the former Dancing With the Stars pro's blossoming movie career and the American Idol host's crazy life as TV and radio personality, how did those two ever see each other? Like, ever?

But the buzz on Twitter and pretty much everywhere else online gives a much different reason for the pair going their separate ways. A far more sinister reason, actually ...

"Ryan Seacrest is GAY and this girl has just been his beard for the past two years. Man up and admit it Ryan ..." one E! Online commenter claimed. "Somewhere Katie Holmes is smiling. She understands," another said. And that was just the tip of the iceberg.

Twitter was exploding with tweets from people "shocked that he even had a girlfriend that was a girl" in the first place. Blah blah blah yada yada yada.

Okay, so honestly? I kind of buy it all. Seacrest does seem like a work-work-work kinda guy. And at 38 and no signs of slowing down, is marriage really something he wants? So I can believe that pal Us Weekly quoted who says 24-year-old Hough got tired of it and her priorities were different. That sounds like a typical guy-girl-relationship dilemma. A few years go by and girl wants to be married. Guy just wants to work.

Buuuuuut. While I think Hough and Seacrest are both successful, charismatic people who made an attractive couple and would have had adorable kids, well ... let's just say the idea Ryan might be gay has crossed my mind a time or two (or 20). I mean, come on. You're saying it NEVER occurred to you?

Now who really knows? Do I have anything concrete to base my gut feeling on? No, so before you start yelling at me, let me be clear that in no way am I "reporting" that gossip to be true. I'm just saying it's possible.

We know Hollywood has a long history of these sorts of couples where one is rumored to be "pretending" to be straight (cough ... Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes ... cough ... Cary Grant and Name That Wife ... cough ... George Clooney and Name That Girlfriend ... cough ... the list is endless. Just ask John Travolta and Kelly Preston).

And though we've come a long way in accepting same-sex couples, the fact is that being openly gay can still hurt your career in a big way if you're in show biz. You can lose fans, be typecast, be blacklisted ... in other words lots of bad stuff can happen, even today, sad as that is. Thankfully, it slowly seems to be changing, and a growing number of stars are admitting who they really are. But it's not easy.

Still, being famous is awfully hard on relationships all by itself. So maybe it was just the old standby story that did in Hough and Seacrest. Maybe he's happy with work as his first love. And maybe that wasn't enough for her. Maybe.

Then again, maybe it was the $100,000 in jewelry Seacrest gave Hough that was mysteriously, bizarrely stolen from her car right before their split was announced. I mean, what better reason to break up with someone than "you were careless with my bling!"?

Do you believe that Ryan & Julianne's busy schedules were the real reason behind their breakup?


Image via LA's Promise/Flickr

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nonmember avatar Nicole

I absolutely don't believe their schedules as the reason behind their break-up, and I in no way believe Ryan to be gay, at all. I do believe he is a workaholic with some permanent relationship commitment issues,and he should have never renewed his contract with American Idol, and I think he is regretting it b/c even he looks like he is in pain having to host this show this season b/c it is horrible, but it is so obvious how in love with Julianne he was and still is. If he loves her, he will be chasing her with an engagement ring soon enough. If marriage doesn't happen with her, then I do not have high hopes of him ever getting married. He's scared! He's loved her for much too long to let this girl go. You love her, Ryan? Then go after her. Don't let her get away, unless, she is the one running from you.

Ellen Propp

No i dont believe it , it was said a few yrs ago he was gay and think julianne was a cover up as she said she would be a virgin till she married.  now was time to move on. she as was written is doing a reality show eith her brother.  As far as she and ryan go  just look at their pictures.....they are beside each other but never like really romatic  not even a kiss/   imho

Baila Banson

It is noteworthy that eight years ago, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes wed in a luxury Scientology ceremony which took place in a fairytale Italian castle. During the £2.5 million nuptials, the couple exchanged platinum and diamond rings. Whether the hugely expensive rings have been returned since their divorce remains to be seen.

Baila Banson

In this context, next year when she takes the female lead in the Tom Cruise sci-fi blockbuster, Oblivion, she is going to explode, or we are, watching her rise another notch in the hottieville charts. Check Out it: http://wp.me/p1CkXq-1GF

Baila Banson

Emily and Sean start off their tropical adventure by going on a helicopter tour of Curacao, which is giving us some seriously painful flashbacks to Top Gun, starring Marriage Impossible 3′s Tom Cruise.

See at: http://wp.me/p1CkXq-1hI

nonmember avatar Vickie

Actually, I never really entertained the idea of Seacrest being gay... What I DID question, however, was his TASTE-- Julianne Hough? REALLY?? In my (humble) opinion, watching her is like watching paint dry. In short, I thought he could do better.

nonmember avatar Ms.C.

The official story their publicist leaked to People is obviously a lie. Travel doesn't suddenly break up a 3 yr relationship, especially when they are living together. They seemed fine at Valentine's Day so what happened in the last 3 weeks? Prenup argument? She hit her time limit for a marriage proposal when it didn't come on Vday? The jewelry "theft" hit a raw nerve? and yes, "Beard contract expired? all crossed my mind.
If it is one of the first three, I could see them getting back together. I think the truth will come out eventually. Someone will leak it.

Ann Marie Goldstein

The jewelery 'heist' was probably the tip of the ice berg, but mark my words she will be on the arm of Tom Cruise very soon and probably marry him by the end of the year in his estate in Colorado.

nonmember avatar Lynn

She can do much better than creepy Seacrest.

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