Jenelle Evans Says She Went to Rehab for Something Bigger Than Drugs

Jenelle EvansWell, color me embarrassed. Just when I thought we had Teen Mom's Jenelle Evans all figured out, she throws us a curve ball.

You remember when Jenelle checked into rehab, right? And checked out four days later? Yeah, about that ... Well, at first we thought the MTV star made her quickie visit to rehab for an alleged drug addiction. But apparently we were wrong -- SO wrong. In fact, Jenelle herself came clean about why she went to rehab -- and why she only lasted four days.

So listen up ... are you sitting down?

Jenelle went to rehab for a relationship addiction. Yeah, you heard me. She said:

I need individual counseling and therapy if anything for being addicted to relationships. I can honestly admit this about myself and can't seem to help it unless I continue to get the help I need through therapy.

And why did she only last four days, you ask? Well ...

Didn't complete 30 days of rehab because for one I didn't go to there detoxing off of ANYTHING and went there SOBER. I simply feel as if I didn't need to go to treatment if my problem isn't drugs anymore, and never will be again.

Well, for starters -- it's nice to hear that drugs are NOT her problem anymore. And if she says they never will be a problem for her again, I believe her. Everyone deserves a second third fourth fifth chance, right? But wow, did this come out of left field or what? I guess it makes sense considering it's been reported that she was running back to Courtland Rogers despite their rollercoaster relationship. Maybe Jenelle really doesn't have a drug issue after all. But a love issue. Makes a lot of sense actually.

Regardless, I'm happy to see her getting the help she needs.

Are you surprised by the real reason Jenelle went to rehab?

Image via Jenelle Evans/Twitter

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Mary Beth Odwyer

no cuz if u see her patter with men, first she is dateing a guy for a week or 2 then she gets rid of them moves onto another, gets rid of them moves on to another, DUHHHHH does not surprise me at all

Tiffany Hardin

Im glad it wasn't because of her addiction to drugs and im glad that she has realized something bout herself and done something bout it. Despite her getting back to Courtland, i think she has been doing much better and im happy for her. I hope she continues to do so and gets her life back on track. Good luck Jenelle.

nonmember avatar Tracey

She needs to quit getting all this press for her stupidity. She is a waste of space.

Chester Copperpot

Yeah, yeah, she's got relationship issues. DUH!!! But she's ALSO a stupid drug addict junkie. Also, can she check into a treatment center for being addicted to out-of-date douchebag fashion? Seriously? Ed Hardy? Where'd she learn to dress herself? From watching the 2009 season of Jersey Shore?

nonmember avatar Lexi

I don't want to live on this planet anymore..

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