Adele Will Sing at Your Wedding…If Her Fee Doesn’t Kill You First

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AdeleCan you imagine anything making your special day any more idyllic than marrying the man of your dreams and having Adele belt out a love song in honor of you two’s new life together as you stroll down the aisle? That’s almost like the hand of God reaching down and chucking you right under the chin.

It’s all a fantasy, though. You know why? It’s not because Adele is Grammy darling and an international chart-topping pop music superstar. I’m sure she’d just as soon come serenade you two in front of your parents, in-laws, and crazy Uncle Frank. So that’s not it. It’s that her fee might kinda blow your wedding budget.  

South African fruit juice tycoon Vivian Imerman asked her to sing at the nuptials for his daughter, Megan, and Adele was happy to do so at the standard rate of $3.73 million for a 25-minute set. That breaks down to $149,430 a minute.

I imagine after he picked his mandible up off the floor, he decided to find himself a nice house band instead.

Imerman himself is worth about $597 million, so he’s no stranger to big money and rolling deep in the dough (I know, I know, but it just felt clever at this time of the morning). He has a penchant for British soul-singing divas—he’s rumored to have paid Amy Winehouse thousands of dollars to perform at his oldest daughter’s wedding three years ago. I guess he reasoned that he didn’t become an absurdly rich guy by shelling out six figures per minute to the help, so Adele is out and the search continues.

(SB: Man oh man, I miss Amy Winehouse. Back to Black is still in heavy rotation in my collection.)

Earlier this month, Jennifer Aniston reportedly asked Adele to sing at her upcoming wedding, too. Seems our dear girl is in high demand on the glitzy wedding circuit, which is interesting since I can’t recall anything but her extensive repertoire of breakup songs off the top of my head. I can, however, think of a dozen out-of-work R&B artists who would tear the house down for a couple hundred bucks. I will require a finder’s fee, however. It’s only fair.

Barring a $149,430-a-minute fee, which entertainer would you want to sing at your wedding?


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Lovin... LovinJerseyMama

If I had that kind of money it would be worth spending to have Adele sing at my wedding....sigh, guess it will have to be her cd instead lol 

douxm... douxmusique

I wouldn't want anyone singing at my wedding. But I would pay for a private party or something. Assuming j had that kind of cashola.

ruby_... ruby_jewel_04

I love Adele. But that is ridiculous.

Baila Banson

British singer Adele who became famous in the world due to multiple Grammy Award-winning album ’21′ in 2011, has pointed out that she is expecting her first child, with boyfriend Simon Konecki. Check Out it:

nonmember avatar MP

Adele is worth every penny of the 2.5mwhen she sings in a wedding. But your article is not worth every word of it. It is full of condescending presumptions , high degree of subjectivity and a strong intent to malign Adele. For what the article is worth, the millionaire is a miser and does not value her daughter that much. On the flip side, probably Adele overpriced herself so as not to say no to fans or clients. Just saying....

Megan Lee

PAH! YAAA Right.

nonmember avatar denise

At the end of the day Adele is human. Even if I had that kind of money, to spend it on her singing for 25 minutes is beyond ridiculous imo. That is assuming the article is legit. However, the way a

person choose to spend their money is their business. Just my two cents.

nonmember avatar ally

ohmygod . thats crazyy !

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