'Glee' Recap: Rachel Berry Gets Rid of Her Biggest Problem

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Rachel Berry GleeRemember when Glee was all about high school kids and wholesome high school problems like losing your virginity or being the knocked up cheerleader? Then Rachel Berry had to go and move to New York City on us and thrust us into all her adult problems. And this week's Feuds episode was no different.

With Mr. Schue still mad at Finn for kissing his fiancee, the New Directions were performing mash-ups of songs from battling pop stars. And not to be outdone, the New York Glee kids were battling too: over some truly heavy stuff.

Remember Rachel's pregnancy?

Turns out her test was positive after all ... but she's not pregnant (sooooo called it!). It was just a scare (for all of us!).

One problem down. But you didn't think the writers were going to let her off that easy, did you? They had to fit the New Yorkers into the Feuds theme some how!

Cue a war between Rachel and Santana. After discovering a wad of cash and a beeper (what is this 1999?) in Brody's stuff, Santana still can't get over the feeling that Rachel's boyfriend is hiding something. And she's hell bound on finding out; even after Rachel and Kurt kick her out of their apartment for making Brody feel "uncomfortable."

Yeah, I'd feel uncomfortable too if my girlfriend was in danger of finding out I was a male prostitute ... and not a cater waiter like I told her.

So much for high school problems, huh?

The good news is Santana managed to catch Brody more or less in the act, and since Finn's on the outs with Mr. Schue, he was more than happy to hop a plane to New York and give the gigolo a talking to. He told Brody to hit the road, and punched him around a bit for good measure.

It looks like it's hasta la vista Brody.

So that makes what, two problems down for Rachel Berry? Maybe? Hopefully?

Brody had to go. He's lying to Rachel and since they're obviously having unprotected sex, he's putting her in danger too. He could have derailed all her dreams.

But what about Finn? He's out of a job at McKinley, and he's still thinking of Rachel as his "future wife." Is this what Rachel really needs? To fall right back into her old habits with Finn?

And what about Finn's needs!? Marley seemed to inspire him with her advice that he pursue a teaching career. Can he do that while he's busy being Rachel Berry's moral support?

Are you glad to see Brody go or are you dreading the return of Finchel?


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Venae Venae

I quit watching before this last season, but reading this -

...since they're obviously having unprotected sex, he's putting her in danger too. He could have derailed all her dreams.

- are you kidding?  HE could have derailed HER dreams?  Um, she'd be derailing her own dreams - since she's apparently allowing some dude to stick it in her w/o a condom.

Anna Elizabeth Gray

I'm glad to see Brody go, but I don't want Finchel to be back. Neither of those guys are any good for her, and she deserves so much better.

Jacqueline Rose Monge

yes he does he needs rachel he loves her and she loves him..they belong together if brody says he loves rachel that doesnt mean they are going to last..

sssdnm sssdnm

I hateeee brody! I think rachel can help push v nn toward his goals

nonmember avatar Ashley

BRODY IS HOT! Finchel was cute but such a draaaaaag. It goes on and on and on and there's stupid drama and splitting and getting back together over and over and over again. Brody was probably just meant as a distraction though.. /sigh

No worries though. When he gets kicked out he can come stay with me.

nonmember avatar Alicia

To be honest, I liked Brody. He is gorgeous and totally (was) good for Rachel. I feel that he can still pull it off and work things out with Rachel but Finchel should never happened. "Future Wife" my butt. I am still rooting for one Jesse St. James.

Catherine Austin

Are you kidding me???? I'm so glad I stopped watching Glee last season. I've only seen a few episodes here and there for free from another friend's account.  I hope Finchel dies a horrible painful death someday and that Glee as a whole is taken down with them because it completely sucks now, and sucks HARD. I can't wait until Glee is gone; it is a totally warped, distorted version of what it used to be. Its impossible to hope for Rachel getting the best anymore, getting what she deserves cause the writers have no clue how to write her, how to treat her anymore. :(

nonmember avatar Setra

You’re right, this episode was definitely proof that the Glee crew is growing up; both Finn and Rachel were faced with some big adult decisions. I’m glad I didn’t miss this episode, even though I was at work at DISH when it aired. I set up my DISH Hopper with the PrimeTime Anytime feature, to record all primetime shows that came on FOX. Because of this I didn’t have to worry about setting up a weekly timer for Glee.

nonmember avatar heather

I always root for Finn and Rachel they belong together but as you know Cory has pasted away so that won't be able to happen. But I still watch the season on my Netflix and I still believe its one of the best shows. I'm still upset that Cory is gone. I think that the writers should of made Rachel pregnant with Finns baby because now that he has past away at least the show would of still had a part of Finn on there.. as for Catherine Austin I bet you really feel bad that u wrote that and not long after Cory dies. If people don't like the show they shouldn't watch it don't put it down and say horrible things like that about some ones life GO GLEE!!!!!!! Cory Monteith I'll miss you RIP

nonmember avatar Cachee'

I agree with heather catherine austin you shouldn't say things about people like that what i someone said something about you like that bitch!!!!!! RIP cory monteith.

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