Kristen Stewart Plays a Dangerous Game With Taylor Lautner While Robert Pattinson Is Away

kristen stewart robert pattinson taylor lautnerWell well, look who's spending time together again while Robert Pattinson is away. Kirsten Stewart and Taylor Lautner played at the batting cages in LA yesterday. Is Kristen switching over to Team Jacob? Is Taylor graduating from the Friend Zone? Let the speculation begin!

Kristen showed up in a plaid flannel over a baseball tee and cut-off shorts, a very apt tomboy outfit for both her and for the occasion. Taylor wore a fetching gray heather henley that showed off his Jacobesque pecs nicely. And so it goes! Did I mention Kristen drank Red Bull? Okay, with that random detail out of the way, let's talk about these two.

I just want to put in my vote for Taylor Lautner as Kristen's Transition Boyfriend. I think he'd be perfect and here's why. He's been a loyal friend. He's also a friend of Robert -- so not only does he kind of remind Kristin of Rob, he also bridges the gap between Rob and Kristen. He's like the methadone to Rob's heroin. And then there is his chest. For that reason alone...

But wait! I hear Kristen and Taylor were not alone together. They were joined by a gaggle of other mutual friends. Damn, you kids with your hang-outs and your let's-just-do-stuff-in-a-group and your hook-ups. I will never understand your mating habits. 

So for all I know, this may have just been a friendly outing with friends. Or a THING between Kristen and Taylor. Or nothing. I'm not a keen enough anthropologist to tell. I just hope it's not Kristen using Taylor to make Robert jealous, because that would be unacceptable. Do you hear me? We do not use Taylor thusly. That is all.

Do you think Kristen might be romantically interested in Taylor, or always just friends?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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Chintami Karrina Poetri

dont negatif thinking about them, taylor lautner is just kristen stewart and robert pattinson bestfriend.

nonmember avatar AsianTwihard

They're just friends. Why can't you people get that? Whenever Kristen hangs out with a guy, the media immediately jumps to conclusions and says that she suddenly has a new boyfriend. Ugh.

Lulu Collazo

I wish they could end up together, it just makes more sense. He is a guy's guy, he is a gentleman, I am sure he would stand up more for Kristen than Robert ever did. I hope is another "when harry met sally" kind of romance.

Monique Wiltz

Taylor is a smart guy ...he knows what KS is doing and so does the boyfriend.   Anyway Lautner is gorgeous, sweet and seems like a good friend.....why not hang out with him....and get!!

Baila Banson

Back to the cheating scandal Kristen Stewart sizzles on the red carpet

Baila Banson

However, and she did a great job, having a memorable appearance and taking us by surprise with a long see-through nude dress. Kristen Stewart is known for her casual style, but this time she surpassed all our expectations, glowing of sexiness.more:

nonmember avatar Tish

If I was Taylor I would just stay friends as Kristen does not know the meaning of committment. She is a player and only looks out for herself not caring who she hurts in the process of furthering herself.

Patricia Pipes

Let Taylor watch out. Kristen cannot stay true to anyone. She is self-serving and does not care who she walks on and hurts in the process.

nonmember avatar jeanie

I love her, She is sexy,kool,awesome,beautiful and above all so real... cutely clumsy too. I don't know why there are still talks of her mistake. Man, its just a one mistake. Its as if people are ganging upon this girl. She made mistake and then paid for it. If Robert cannot handle it ...Then its good riddance to a boring and confused guy. Kristen is young and she still ahve whole lotsa time to figure out her life. Wishing she concentrate more on her career than wait upon a guy who is soo confused.

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