Matt Lauer May Be Getting Fired From ‘Today’ Show

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matt LauerMatt Lauer could be on his way out at the Today show. According to a very reputable source -- the New York Times -- the ratings have taken a deep dive and the longtime anchor may have his head on the chopping block. The onetime #1 morning show is now at #2 behind Good Morning America and execs reportedly blame Lauer and you won't believe why.

Apparently people just don't like the guy that much anymore and their is actual scientific proof to back it up -- well sort of. There is something called a Q Score which measures TV likability and Lauer's number has dropped from 19 to a 9 over the past couple of years. Success of a morning show anchor is his ability to connect with the audience and unfortunately that number suggest he isn't doing that.

I wonder if it is partly due to the fact many fans blame him for Ann Curry's firing last June. You may recall her surprise, teary goodbye live on air. It appeared she was blindsided and clearly devastated by the decision. Rumors quickly spread that Lauer may have had something to do with it. That's probably an unfair characterization of what went down. There are a lot of moving parts in network politics. But that won't stop people from saying, "What goes around, comes around" right about now.

Whatever the reason he lost favor, it's causing a lot of trouble for him now. Poor guy. The show is in trouble and there is a feeling a big change needs to happen. Among the names being thrown around as possible replacements? His costars Wllie Geist or David Gregory. But for now, the network says there are no plans for a pink slip. Fingers crossed for you Matt!

Do you think it's time to replace Matt Lauer?

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lovem... lovemyson1224

I wish they would replace him with Willie... I like Matt but I think it is time for someone new. I also wish they would replace Savannah with Tamron Hall. I love her!

lovem... lovemyson1224

I would like to see Matt do something more serious.

Sierr... SierraLynn

Willie Geist is hilarious. I'd rather watch him then Matt. He is just so boring...

But either way I will watch Today over GMA. GMA is just annoying to me.

nonmember avatar MammaMel

I don't like him because of the Ann Curry stuff (I still won't watch the Today Show because of how they did Ann Curry!)

jalaz77 jalaz77

Bring back Ann and see the ratings change. I loved Ann. I like Matt but love Ann.

nonmember avatar lin333

I no longer like Matt Lauer because of his juvenile and egotistical behavior. What does he think-he owns the show??? And do not replace him with Al Roker-he is a damn weatherman, not a journalist, and his jokes are not funny at all. Dear god, find a decent person with a relevant background who knows how to connect to an audience.

Ellen Hughes

Yes it is time for Matt to go I like Willie Geist and quit watching today after ann left

Angie Chuah

Matt should go, can't stand his sight any more. I stop watching him after Ann Curry left.

rayra... rayraycoops

You should check your articles for spelling errors. You've always got some weird grammar mistake that you probably shouldn't have as a professional writer. Their isn't the sane as there.

Melissa Smidt

Yes, no co-worker should be able to get another fired if they are doing their job. She was a GREAT co-host and she did her job well! Grow up Matt, get a book about "Dealing with People You Can't Stand" and I'm sure there is a 100 more!

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