Robert Pattinson Is Related to Vampires & We’re Not Making This Up

robert pattinsonWhat if I told you that Robert Pattinson was actually, like, for realsies, part vampire? Don't think too hard about it, because that's just impossible -- no one's a vampire except for Nic Cage, and no, he and RPattz aren't related. Our dear Robert is, however, related to a different notable character famous for his dark ways and violent temper. in Canada has traced RPattz's bloodline all the way back to Transylvania, where his ancestor Vlad the Impaler ruled from 1456 to 1462.

And do you know which famous literary character was based on the ruthless Vladdy?

Dracula. It's believed that Bram Stoker's 1897 novel Dracula was modelled after Vlad's reign of terror.

Not only is RPattz related to Vlad, a.k.a. Dracula, a.k.a. a vampire, he's also distant cousins with Prince Harry and Prince William (which, carry the one, yes, they're also descendants of Vlad the Impaler), making Robert not only an adversary, but royalty, as well.

And all this time we thought he only played a vampire in movies and the prince of our hearts -- turns out he is, in fact, the real deal. On both counts, no less.

Robert's not the only Twilight team member related to Dracula ... author Stephenie Meyer is also kin to Vlad the Impaler

With rumors of his breakup with Kristen Stewart flying around, maybe it'd behoove Robert to send her this post, reminding her that she'd be turning down a blood-sucking prince. Wait, that didn't sound right. Scratch that.

I don't know if it's Manifest Destiny or random coincidence that these two are related to a "vampire", but I do know that Robert Pattinson can bite my neck any time he wants. Stephenie, though? Ehh, not so much.

What's your ancestry like?


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LeeshaE LeeshaE

Okay the fact that the royals are related to Vlad is not surprising considering the intermingling of royal families over the centuries. And although Vlad the Impaler was horrible grotesque sadist he was no vamp.

Baila Banson

Now-a-days, twilight stars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have reportedly been shopping for their engagement rings.

nonmember avatar MammaMel

Quite a number of people of European decent are related because of intermarriages of the nobles and then "marrying down" into commoners...doesn't mean we are "princes"

Nenna... NennaCowan

Which is it broke up or not!? Robert sit next to Haze and Kegan Finn / Cheese Pizza Tavern Tour at The Alibi of Ottawa, Illinois, on April 6th @ 10 p.m I want to meet you! Please,not cause of article either! Yes I am silly,also like you in lots of ways personality wise! I support and own newest movies except wont buy Twilight! I will continue to buy newest but not into your beginning years,they are cute and neat but like I said! <3 You, Nenna Cowan ;) you make typical movies different and like your the director instead,great job! You have a sweet and naive soul like I do and gorgeous inside and out!

1SpaZ... 1SpaZZedMom

Interesting but not surprising. It was the rituals that "Dracula" performed that led to his rumored vamp legend. Watch history channel...

As for being distant cousins to royalty, not surprising at all. It wouldn't mean prince. Most family members are Dukes, Nobles, etc. That is why Kate is a duchess until her Prince-hubby becomes King of England.

JoAnn Huntington

what rock were you hiding under when he was interviewed by some tv talk show an he said he was related to the royals an DRACULA but distantly

abby783 abby783

Hey Robert u can bit my neck at anytime as well. Yum yum i will be ur victim.

Kristi Shatlain-Eskew

Interesting geneology, but I think we could find that there are quite a few descendants of Vlad, it has been half a millenia after all. And you would be amazed to find out who all has royal blood, that's not even counting those who were born on the wrong side of the sheets.
I think someone needs to look up the definition on Manifest Destiny....obviously someone was absent from their history lesson that day.

Beth Wisler

If he his come this way

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