Ian Somerhalder's Latest '50 Shades' Comments Make Fans Everywhere Freak

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Ian SomerhalderWe're all pretty much in the know that the script for the Fifty Shades of Grey movie is unfinished and casting is still months away. Despite that, it's still totally fun to speculate what hunky actors will play our favorite sexy CEO Christian Grey. Yeah, there are a whole slew of "front runners," like Matt Bomer, Channing Tatum, and Alexander Skarsgard. My No. 1 favorite, though? Ian Somerhalder, hands down.

Well, Ian is VERY aware that women everywhere are dying to see him take on the red room of pain. On Wednesday night Ian talked about the chance to play Christian Grey with Bravo's mastermind Andy Cohen, saying that there are "so many young boys up for [the] role" and that he couldn't "say anything other than it's a very interesting story."

How coy of him. If I didn't know better, it sounds to me like Ian's playing it cool. In fact, I wouldn't doubt that he knows a LOT more than he's giving off.

OK, so maybe that's just me being hopeful. But seriously, this is Ian saying that he's interested in the script and thinks there's a lot of great guys up for the part (himself included). Whether or not he has insider information, at least he's giving Fifty Shades fans hope, eh? 

Also, I just HAVE to interject this -- Ian had a hilarious response when Cohen asked him if he was single, saying, "I would not say that. That's not the case." Coy again. That's it, I'm convinced -- he's just trying to get us all riled up now.

Do you think Ian would make a good Christian Grey?


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Laure... Lauren0983

Nope! Henry Cavill is my CTG. He's a good age and has the right look and vibe. Ian knows he's a little old for the part and probably sees just how tough the competition is now with the more age-appropriate guys that also have what it takes. Not to mention Ian lacks physically too. He may have the eyes, but that's not enough.

nikag... nikagurl5889

I prefer Alexsander Skarsgard for the role of Mr.Grey

Hana Vaverkov√°

Only Ian ... because when I read the book ... I see only him and no one else ... he must be a Christian Grey!! Damn.

nonmember avatar Ranae

Poor Ian, he is so desperate for a role he has no chance of getting. His film career flopped years ago - like they would give him a franchise, LOL!

Angela Laura

the only way i'd ever go see this movie in the theater is if Ian Somerhalder plays Grey! I think all those guys are hot, dont get me wrong, but Ian would be so HOT in the RED ROOM! PANT PANT PANT

Clara Tezolin

IAN SOMERHALDER I want him as " Christian Grey "

Carrie Branson

I can't think of anyone else to play Christian! Ian has my vote!!!

nonmember avatar NAY


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