Kristen Stewart Is Now a Lesbian Who’s Cheating on Rob With a Woman

kristen stewartIf you thought you heard every Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart/Robert Pattinson rumor in the mill, I'll do you one better: New "reports" are claiming that KStew is cheating on RPattz (if they're even together) ... with a woman. Whoa, man!

A certain tabloid with a penchant for really over-the-top stories is claiming that Kristy Stewart is currently in a secretive romantic relationship with Katy Perry's assistant, Tamra Natisin. An insider apparently told this certain tawdry mag that "Rob will hit the roof when he sees photos of Kristen and Tamra hanging out together. It’s obvious to all of her friends that there’s a romance brewing between them." The proof? Kristen and Tamra hung out at an event on March 3, and Kristen "doesn't seem like she misses her boyfriend."

Well, I don't know about you guys, but sure as shit sounds like Kristen is about to come out to the world and move to Iowa with Tamra so the two can get married and open an antique shop that specializes in vintage trombones. Orrrr it sounds like Kristen was having a conversation with someone of the same sex. Same diff.

There are a lot of KStew/RPattz rumors out there, and I admit, I'm wont to believe them here and there. But this one? I call poppycock.

Do you think Kristen is cheating on Rob?


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Sandra Lee Toomey

i think it s a rumor men have there freinds too they hang w/ means nothing i hang w/ girls doesnt mean im lesbian i have a man he hangs w/ his best freind

Yolanda Wsmc West

seriously? GET A LIFE!!!! can't she kristen hang out with girls without the STUPID, NO-GOOD, NO LIFE HAVING MEDIA being in her business? seriously, find some other actress who's live you can ruin. if you so-called like jennifer lawrence so much, why don't you follow her around and snap pictures of her hanging out with girls. *rolls eyes* what are they, kindergartens?

nonmember avatar JGM1764

I've said it before, and I'll say it again.
Once again, the peanut gallery is too stupid to understand sarcasm.

nonmember avatar Holli

Well...she kinda does give off a lezbot vibe...BAHAHA. But I kid. I really do like k-stew--and I really do think she looks kinda lezzie. Juuuuuust sayin.

nonmember avatar Natalie

This is the most ridiculous thing that I've ever read, stop posting fake stories about Kristen Stewart. First, the media say she have a romance with different men and now they say she's a lesbian?? come on.

LeeshaE LeeshaE

The worst part of this story (other than it being mean spirited gossip) when you call someone gay or lesbian and associate it with a negativity. The statement alone is homophobic. I hope she doesn't even acknowledge it because that's the best way to show the stupid homophobes that their is nothing wrong with being gay or lesbian. It does not matter who you love only that you love.

Gracelyn Brandy Judith Burnham

girls can hang out together whts wrong with that they might be friends who ever took this picture is making a big deal out of nothing ever since she cheated on rob everbody is watching her carefully just leave her alone gosh

nonmember avatar Trick

You know why don't you write the truth I get so sick of people lieing about other people she is not gay with anyone! She loves rob!

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