Jenelle Evans Skips 'Teen Mom' Girls Weekend for No Good Reason

Jenelle EvansAt first I was starting to feel sorry for Teen Mom Jenelle Evans -- it seems like nothing ever goes her way. But now I'm starting to realize that she's the reason nothing ever goes her way. A 4-day stint in rehab? Crawling back into the arms of her abusive husband? Wake up, Jenelle, you are your own worst enemy.

And now the latest. Jenelle finally had the chance to escape from all of this drama that surrounds her -- maybe reevaluate her life and get it back on track. Her fellow Teen Mom cast members Kailyn Lowry, Chelsea Houska and Leah Messer are all taking a girls trip this weekend ... but guess who won't be joining the fun?

In classic Teen Mom fashion, Jenelle took to Twitter to wish her girlfriends a fun weekend. Kailyn and Chelsea are heading over to West Virginia to visit Leah -- and both tweeted that they were sad Jenelle couldn't come along. Sounds like Jenelle's got better things to do at home. Like take care of Jace cuddle with Courtland Rogers maybe?

I guess my only question is -- WHY? After a slew of bad choices, going on this trip would have been the first GOOD decision she made in a long time -- and she blows it. Perhaps if Jenelle spent a little more time with women like Kailyn, Chelsea and Leah, she'd have a different perspective on how she lives her everyday life. Maybe she'd be able to get her priorities in order.

It's still up in the air as to why Jenelle is opting out of this girls vacation (which, by the way, sounds like a hell of a good time!) -- but let's keep our fingers crossed that she has something really responsible and important to accomplish this weekend instead.


Why do you think Jenelle isn't going on the girls trip?

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nonmember avatar Rory Gilmore

Most girls weekends involve alcohol and partying of some kind. She's fresh out of rehab, even if it was short lived. Sounds like she is actually making a good decision.

coco_... coco_rose

The best thing for her is for the media to stop paying attention to her stop writting articles about her its just adding fuel to the fire and in a way encouraging her to keep doing what she is doing. she isnt stupid she knows as long as sge is doin what she is doing people are going to be talking about her. Clearly she believes any attention is good attention

Nichole Barber

she wont have access to drugs thats why

nonmember avatar kaerae

The fact that she's not a mom is a pretty good reason to miss a teen moms weekend...

shyly... shylynn22

Do those girls want her around their kids? Probably not. They where most likely being nice saying they are sad.

Cyndi Dopsovic

they should fire her,from teen mom ..even tho im sure many like her anyone one knows if you dont make good decisions u get the same in the results.but she is no different then she was in the frist season so is your network saying this is ok? she is no mother.and why keep showing her screw up her poor sons life give someone a chance to use the help to better themselves not to show how horriable of a mother she is...its ok to buy drugs boobs a new car w/ ur money but the only time she wants to play mom is when she has a make herself look good

Heather Garrett

I hate to say it but I don't think Jenelle is going because of not her husband but Kefer I mean come on any time he calls she jumps and runs right to him. Grow up Jenelle be a mom,leave the trash at the curb,leave the drugs alone and be a damn mom to that beautiful wonderful little boy!!!

Erin Marie Abbott

To get knocked up know she will!!

Brandy Smith

theres always at least one thats gotta show the audience the way it is if u dont take care of your kid. they want the ratings and some people watch just to hate on her!

Michelle M Moser

I'm not saying she always makes the right choices but... did anyone ever think... ohhh maybe because she is on probation and isn't allowed to leave the state without permission?????

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