‘Bachelor’ Sean Lowe & Catherine Giudici Were Hiding in Plain Sight While Show Aired (VIDEO)

bachelor sean loweBachelor Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici have been making the media rounds ever since announcing their engagement on Monday, and yesterday they revealed how they were able to keep their relationship a secret during the blip in the matrix between when Sean proposed in real-time and when Sean proposed on air.

Apparently, they were pretty sneaky about it.

The couple revealed to Access Hollywood that they'd meet in a safe house in Los Angeles every other weekend. Catherine would fly in from Seattle, Sean from Dallas, and they'd hole up in a secret home and wouldn't leave for 48 hours. They ordered pizza, watched movies, and generally just hung out and got to know each other.

It was basically a pre-honeymoon without the honey, since, you know, they're abstaining from sex until they're married.

Sounds like this time was really important to them -- they had a chance to hang without cameras and got to see how they'd manage as a couple during that one snow day a year when you can't leave the house.

Catherine did share something interesting, though. She mentioned that she wasn't featured much on the show until the later episodes, and that's totally true. I mean, I feel like she didn't even show up until three-quarters of the way into the season. The fact that the show could be on the air and no one would even recognize her was likely a boon to their relationship. She didn't have to hide!

Now that they're out in the open, though, they still seem happy and completely smitten. Wedding date is TBD!

Do you think Catherine and Sean will last?


Photo via Access Hollywood

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Sue Cain

I think if they were serious about it working he wouldn't go straight to being on Dancing With The Stars the minute they can go out as a couple

Christie Flietner

Nope, she has a lot of growing up to do.

Aida Staie

I love her just a little bit more after seeing this. I think they both have growing to do, but isn't that what marriage is about. Marriage is a lot of work and they both seem to do just that. They complement each other very nicely. I can't wait to see there wedding. Happy wishes to the both of them.

Sandra J. Burns

Why do dancing with the stars ?? everyone has done that ,, do something different well that's just me ,,,

Roberta Howard

I am happy for them and think they will definitely make it..

They seem in love and level headed.. So hope America gives them the chance to 

be happy...I want to see the wedding.. Even better I would <3 to attend..


nonmember avatar Susan

Absolutely! Sean and Catherine are adorable ... great choice Sean! They look GREAT together as a couple, their babies will look awesome. I am very happy for them and I'm sure so are a great number of Bachelor fans all over. Sean Lowe is the BEST "Bachelor" yet. Can't wait to witness Sean & Catherine upcoming wedding and wish them "a happily ever after"!

nonmember avatar So Cal Col

DWS will bring in enough dough to pay for their new house in Texas. Best of luck to them and I'm keeping this beautiful couple in my prayers!!! What a great example they have been so far!!!!

Josie Schooler

Definitely last Lindsey, they seem to be in love with each other....

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