'RHOA' Kandi Burruss Sues Kim Zolciak for the Most Embarrassing Reason

Kim ZolciakIt's been a blessed while since we've heard that wretched tune Kim Zolciak crooned on The Real Housewives of Atlanta   -- "Don't Be Tardy for the Party." Get ready though, because we're about to hear a whole lot more about it as Kandi Burruss  just this week filed a lawsuit against Kim Zolciak regarding its use.

We knew Kandi was pissed about it a few seasons back, but I thought she'd just moved on to being mad that Kim stole her baby name. Not so apparently, as yesterday she filed the lawsuit in Atlanta that states (in so many words) that she wrote the song for Kim, and then Kim marketed and sold it all over the place without Kandi's consent (or the consent of her writing partner who's also suing Kim). Now Kandi wants her cut.

Making matters oh so much more interesting -- none other than the southern belle herself, Miss Phaedra Parks, is going to be representing Kandi. We couldn't write a better script if we tried. Fingers crossed they televise the whole mess.

A few years back Kandi said she blamed herself because she didn't handle business correctly. If that was the case, then you have to wonder if she's going to win any kind of restitution now. 

Kim claims it's all about Kandi trying to get some press. She told Too Fab:

This is nothing short of a publicity stunt, I find this lawsuit funny yet sad. Coming after me now and this song is 4 years old? I have in fact overpaid Kandi and have documents to prove it and my legal team will handle this accordingly.

I know they say all publicity is good publicity, but this song is just SO bad. Kandi is a talented musician who has won awards and worked with a variety of top stars, does she really want to even be associated with this embarrassment of song

I get that it's all about money, and if what Kandi says is true, then she does deserve a cut. Still as god-awful as that song is and as comfortable as she already is financially, I'd think Kandi might rather forfeit the cash than remind everyone again that she wrote it.

Team Kim or Team Kandi?


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Maias... MaiasMommy619

Kandi should have sued her years ago if she wanted the money! And Kim has no sense...she acts like she lives this whole rich life..but really if you were that fabulous you would have paid Kandi for the song and for producing it a long time ago!

youth... youthfulsoul

I thought a country music guy wrote this originally. He ever get his cut? 

fleur... fleurdelys3110

Kandi didn't write the song. She remixed it.

bills... billsfan1104

I agree with the two above commentors. I thought she "tweaked" it.

nonmember avatar Jess

Is that really the 'official' video? Looks like a parody to me....

nonmember avatar Jay

"tweaking it" in the music world can give someone writing/co-writing credits. there's several current big name stars who do the exact same thing.

Kristina Sirakanian

I agree with the author (Julie). And besides Kandi didn't write the song. Not cool, Kandi....

nonmember avatar Cyn

Look up Kandi's NET WORTH she's worth way ,ore than Kim.. Kandi handle the deal wrong from the very beginning she's admitted it on TV so. Kandi get over it Girl your RICH.. StillLove Kandi and she has a new show on Bravo coming up soon oh and Kim has a new show too.

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