‘Bachelor’ Sean Lowe’s ‘DWTS’ Moves Revealed in New Promo & He’s SO Awkward (VIDEO)

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bachelor sean loweNow that Bachelor Sean Lowe is officially engaged and officially on Dancing With the Stars, we can now officially talk about how he's going to handle these things. While I don't think being on a new reality show will cause an issue in his relationship with Catherine Giudici, after seeing this new DWTS promo video, I am, however, worried what will happen to him on the dance floor.

One word, two syllables: Awk-ward.

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Granted, while most of the video features the professionals and Pit Bull, there is a tiny little bit where Sean does a shimmy shimmy hip shake while holding a rose, and even though it lasts about half a second, it's long enough to let us in on a dirty little secret: Sean's got no moves. No moves whatsoever.

He's said himself that dancing is out of his comfort zone ... I guess I just didn't know exactly how far out of said zone he actually meant. I mean, if his comfort zone is Dallas, DWTS might as well be Moscow.

Sean's also explained that he's been secretly practicing with partner Peta Murgatroyd for weeks and that we shouldn't count him out, but ... I'm not so sure about that.

Check out the promo and let me know in the comments:

Does Sean look totally awkward to you, too, or no?

 Photo via ABC

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nonmember avatar megpIe

hes only seekIng fame

Emilie Lariviere

They all look kind of silly on the screen though.

Gene McIntosh

Victor and Ingo are WORSE, wow they are in for a long season - well maybe not :)

nonmember avatar tammy

what did we judge on? milla sec tease? I watched the bachelor, he can dance fine too me. Team Seam!!! who cares if it's about the fame..you would do it!

Jacqueline Rose Monge

since when sean lowe is going to be on dancing with stars excited..


nonmember avatar L.C.K.

He would be stupid to not take a chance at getting a few hundred thousand dollars more to add to what he just made for The Bachelor! Plus he is the new Hydorxycut spokesperson. He will be a multi-millionaire in no time. Gotta get it while you're hot!!! He doesn't care about fame I assure you, he is just a smart businessman. $$$

Kristi Smith

How can u judge those 2 mili seconds? He will make it a ways and will do fine. He is athletic and adorable and has a good fan base. Remember he had to be worked into the promo, so he is going to stick out, he is not even dressed like the others. Who cares why he is there if Catherine is on board thats all that matters.

Maureen Hanaway

I think Pitbull is going to kill it. Sean will get some sympathy votes for awhile but doesn't look good for him.

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