Kim Kardashian May Have Learned How to Make a Sex Tape From Her Mom

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Kim KardashianRumor has it there's another Kardashian sex tape out there in the world somewhere, as if the world didn't have enough problems. And this time it's not Kim again, nor Kourtney, nor anyone the world would remotely want to see. Well, maybe some strange, sad souls would. Reportedly Kardashian matriarch Kris Jenner might have a sex tape. But before you start frantically scouring the Internet and likely give your computer some kind of virus in your icky research efforts -- listen to the whole story. 

Rumor has it that Kris made her tape before her marriage to Robert Kardashian. Or maybe during -- but not with him. 'Cause you know how Kris can be. A source says:

Robert said Kris was talking about how liberating it was to be filmed having sex and how it was a turn-on to watch herself with her lover. She said she felt like a porn star. When Robert heard that, he confronted Kris. But she laughed it off, telling him she was just kidding around. She said she knew he was there and wanted to teach him a lesson about eavesdropping on her conversations with her girlfriends.

Hmmm. Strange way to get your husband to stop listening to your conversations. I'd think something like that would make him listen a lot more! Anyway, the source goes on to say that Robert didn't know what to believe, so he told friend O.J. Simpson about it.

No word on what O.J. had to say about this, which is a shame. O.J. is definitely the kind of guy you want to turn to for relationship advice, amiright? He probably said something like, "Kill her." And thank god that didn't happen or where would our culture be now? Talent like this runs in the family, thank goodness.

Anyway, I'm not sure I'm buying into this rumor -- it sounds like a bunch of words strung together (Kris Jenner, sex tape, O.J. Simpson) for maximum Internet search traffic.

But ... I wouldn't necessary say Kris wasn't capable of a sex tape -- but what fun was a sex tape before the Internet anyway? Back then, it really was a tape. Like a big old bulky tape that you couldn't even email to your friends.

Anyway, whether or not Kris made a sex tape that no one saw, or joked about a sex tape that never existed, or none of the above, we do know one thing -- her daughter went on to sex tape infamy, and sometimes you have to live your dreams through your children.

Do you think Kris has a sex tape?

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Choco... Chocodoxies

"He probably said something like, "Kill her." And thank god that didn't happen or where would our culture be now? Talent like this runs in the family, thank goodness."

This is just disgusting. This is not funny or ironic, it is just in extremely poor taste. You should be ashamed that you find the brutal massacre of a woman funny. "Too bad it wasn't Kris Jenner slaughtered with her lover outside of her home. Then I wouldn't be bothered with clicking past her daughters show." Simply disgusting.

nonmember avatar cileem

If Kris Jenner taught Kim how to do a sex tape, she really did wrong by her daughter. I recently saw Kim's tape for the 1st time. It was incredibly boring, and certainly nothing sexy out it.

nonmember avatar GP3

Wouldn't surprise me a bit, a whore is a whore is a whore! Much more respect for hookers than this clan of "do anyone anytime as long as its taped!!

nonmember avatar G3

A whore is a whore is a whore

nonmember avatar sarah

this Kardashian family dont have any values or morals only have sex and for money specially Kim and her mother

Amanda Sargent Guarneri

Everybody is so judge-y. Jeez. I don't think you are a whore just because you film yourself having sex. If you are in a relationship and it's just for you are your partner, what's wrong with that? Now, if you make a sex tape and then you purposely "leak" it, then yeah, that would be pretty whore-ish. But, we still don't know that Kim purposely leaked her tape. Still, as much as people don't like her, you can't deny that her sex tape made her ALOT of money.

nonmember avatar ashley

Federal Law mandates any pornographic material must have documented proof of age for each person as well as legal signed documentation of agreement to distribution of said material. Belladonna who is a famous porn star and porn director herself brought this up when all these stars were having "leaked" videos. Look it up and you will see how disgusting it all is. I have more respect for pornstars, at least they are honest about it.

nonmember avatar teddibean

Isn't anyone concerned about the two younger sisters? Kris is already starting to prostitute them out for money. Where the hell is Bruce? Why isn't he putting his foot down. He makes boo-coo money, he doesn't need Kris. He should take those two young daughters and run as fast as he can, but it's probably too late. For them to look up to their big sister as a role model is just one big FAT damn shame...

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