'Teen Mom' Chelsea Houska Dooms Herself to Singledom Forever (VIDEO)

maci bookout talking to chelsea houskaLike most Teen Mom stars, South Dakota native Chelsea Houska has had her ups and downs in love. But as of right now, she's verifiably single. After a recent episode of Teen Mom 2, she chatted with "After Show" host Maci Bookout to answer a few fan questions ... one of which was if she's dating. Chel's response? "That's a big N-O! I'm seriously going to be single forever, I have a feeling! [The right one] is not in South Dakota." Aaack!

You could just see Maci cringing and searching for the right words to pump Chelsea up. After all, if she set out to, she could totally find the right guy. Well, and if she would only believe it's possible, too.

To be blunt, I really feel like being negative gets you just about ... nowhere in life. Whether you're striving for a career goal or a love life makeover, you've gotta believe you're worthy and try to be as optimistic as possible. Yeah, it may sound a bit cheesy and The Secret-ish, but it's true ...

People always say they found the love of their life when they stopped looking. But I feel like that has to do with confidence -- realizing you don't have to keep searching high and low, because the one will come around at some point. When you start believing you will eventually find what you're looking for, it has a way of showing up!

When Maci mentioned that there's nothing wrong with being single, Chelsea agreed, noting, "I'm perfectly fine with it." And that's fantastic! But when she does decide she would be happier with a partner -- someone who could be a great father figure to Aubree? -- I hope she finds the self-esteem and positivity she needs to identify the right guy.

Here's the "After Show" Q&A if you missed it ...


Do you feel like positive thinking has helped you attract love and other things into your life?


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tuffy... tuffymama

It isn't a negative to be single forever. I was quite content with the thought and feeling of it before DH came along. I think looking looking looking all the time for a husband and not working on yourself and working on finding contentment makes for a miserable life.

tuffy... tuffymama

*not working on finding contentment

nonmember avatar kaerae

First of all, the author has never spent much time in South Dakota! Vermillion, where Chelsea lives is about 10,000 rednecks and not much else. It's TINY and FREEZING! ALL the guys are like Adam. Also, since when did being single become a negative? Staying single and avoiding men traipsing in and out of Aubree's life or a 50% chance of a divorce is a GOOD THING. She'll only be 35 when the kid is grown, then she can get out of SD and find someone right.

nonmember avatar kristy

i love that show

Heather Watkins

I have always felt that Randy has been an amazing father to Chelsea! He let her learn and "see the light",(if you will) on her own. I'm glad Chelsea saw it that way. I adore Chelsea, not only as a mommy but as a beautiful human being.<3 Aubree <3 !!

CandiceK CandiceK

I don't think she should wait until abruee gets older too find the right someone I mean I'f she wants too that good but outta how Adam treats her she deserves a perfect guy it may take time but hopeful not until she's 35

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