'Bachelor' Sean Lowe & Catherine Giudici's Vow Not to Have Sex Before the Wedding Is a Good Sign

people cover sean lowe catherine giudiciNow that Bachelor Sean Lowe and his bride-to-be Catherine Giudici are out and proud about their engagement, they're letting all the dirty details about their relationship fly. Okay, maybe not dirty at all. Maybe more like totally buttoned-up and purified thrice over details. They're on the cover of PEOPLE this week proclaiming that they've yet to have premarital sex and don't plan to. No sirree bob. They're waiting for their wedding night.

Lowe, famously known to be a conservative Christian and born-again virgin, explains, "From my perspective, I've lived life kind of selfishly for a long time. Now, I'm going to try to live it the way I know to be right." Catherine's response: "I honor him." Whoa, now, that's true love.

Say what you will about choosing to have or not have premarital sex. (I certainly have no issue being vocal about where I stand!) But waiting is obviously something Sean personally values very much. It's tied up in who he used to be and who he has become and the way he wants to live his life. And it sounds like regardless of where she personally stands on the subject, Catherine has decided that she wants to honor Sean's wishes. You can't get much more supportive than that!

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It's easy and completely common to disagree with your partner on little, everyday things -- who does the dishes tonight, whether or not the laundry should be done once or twice a week, how to handle issues with in-laws, etc. But on the biggies related to your lifestyle -- think religion, career, money musts and nevers -- you've gotta find common ground and feel supported. Like even if your partner doesn't completely love the grueling hours you work at your job, they've gotta have your back when you get a promotion.

If this major, touchy decision they're supporting one another on is any indication of how the rest of their marriage is going to go, maybe they really will become one of just a few reality show couples to live happily ever after.

What are some values or wishes of your partner's you honor even if they wouldn't necessarily be your first choice?


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Cathy Lynn Jones Kvistad

 I honor his valves about  both of us doing our share of talking things out and never going to bed mad or upset with each other. I enjoy it when we both do the grocery shopping due to the fact we give each other meal ideas. We both know how to bargin shop. He honor my valves with meals at the main table every day. Its never in the living room or other rooms. No one should have to pick up the dishes left behind all the time. We say our blessing at meals even if we are eating out. Our family, friends have accepted our valves about meals at the table. We call it family time, we let every one talk if their is any problems we all share ideas to hoping it work out for that person. I pass this down to my children and grandchildren due its the way my grandma did it in her home. I enjoyed it. I found out a lot about my family. When the kids have problems in school subjects we worked on them as a family. Other families don't do these things due to having to many sport activities for the kids or they let their kids do whatever they want that is wrong. He could careless if the bed is made everyday. i like the bed made every day. It drives me nuts when its not made or dishes are not done. He could careless if they are done. I love a clean house, being Organise at all times, trips being plan out. He don't like it at all. I'm one for being on time and hate being late.

nonmember avatar Ellen

Holy photoshop, batman! They both look like...dolls? Doll versions of themselves? Sean looks more feminine, and Catherine looks a bit...squinty. NOT a fan of this cover.

Nancy Jaramillo Brown

What is up with their faces? It looks like Photoshop Gone Wild. It barely even resembles Sean and Catherine.

Roberta Howard

I agree poor photo  People u can do better than that...


NewMo... NewMomma.S

Not if it's this value! You don't buy a car without a test drive and that's not til death do you part! The whinge Bachelor thing is stupid anyway. He has values about premarital sex but not about making a ridiculous spectacle of himself on reality TV? Give me a break!

Bianca Saraniero

photoshop much? this is a horrible picture!

Joanne Peterson Hintz

Good for them! great example to the young ones. It's a special thing.  Nobody should rag on them about something they support each other on! That is awesome!

Nadine Overton


ltc9958 ltc9958

no wonder catherine tweeted about wanting to throw up when she saw this cover

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