Ian Somerhalder as Christian Grey Could Ruin Everything With Nina Dobrev

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Ian somerhalderWhen it comes to all of this Fifty Shades of Grey buzz, there's no doubting that Ian Somerhalder is totally a top contender to play sex god Christian Grey. From his good looks and intense acting style to his beautiful baby blue eyes and piercing glare -- the man has the essence of Mr. Grey down to a science.

It seems, though, that there's one BIG reason that the star could turn down the part (once the script's done, that is). A beautiful reason, too. Sources are saying that Ian is nervous taking on such a big part because it could ruin his relationship with girlfriend Nina Dobrev. And hey, it makes sense -- this movie is going to be HUGE. Fans and paparazzi alike are going to be all over EVERYTHING that the stars do.

So the decision comes into play: Do Ian and Nina want to be the next Brad and Angelina? Is the role really worth it?

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It's debatable. Of course, everyone wants some privacy in their life. With that said, Ian and Nina are used to the paparazzi already. Ian's used to having girls lunge after him. Would that all intensify if he were to play Christian? Of course. But I don't know, I feel like it's a role worth playing and something he can totally handle.

Plus, there are loads of A-list actors that still maintain some bit of romantic privacy despite their lengthy list of box office smashes. Take Jake Gyllenhaal or Charlize Theron for instance. You NEVER hear about anything they're doing in their private lives in the press these days (since that whole Taylor Swift thing, anyway). It is possible. For an opportunity as big as Christian, I say go for it, Ian.

Do you think Ian's personal life will be affected if he takes on the Christian Grey role?


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Margie Taylor-Rivera

If this is true..he shouldn't be an actor! Ian is perfect for this role!

Melyy Leon

I don't think it would ruin his relationship since he's an actor and they know the price of the fame is that they will always have paparazzis behind them and following them, and Ian love his fans and we all know how much he wants to take the role of christian grey and if nina really loves him she will support him w.e it happens.. Love u IAN U're My Grey even if you don't get the role ;)!

Angela Salerno Dickan

No it would be good for his career. An she would take a part if she could there actors an besides he hot

Leslie Larson

Awe man, he's the only one for the job! As long as he keeps his hair short lol. :P

Lainie Grantman

Nina should realize that this will be his chance to make it big and she should support him and encourage him to accept the role. If they have a real relationship they shouldnt have anything to worry about. I think i would pick the movie role over a gf who didnt support me .

nonmember avatar Crystal Brojez

He should take it. It'll be huge for his career. Any girlfriend who really cared about him would understand that, she should be supportive.

nonmember avatar brittany

the solution is simple  put the ian and nina couple into the main roles as anastasia ad christian and then everbod wins plus it would be a big break fo the both and the movie will be absolutely amazing

Debra Anduaga

this is something they should have worked out long ago. they are both actors & know that roles like this  are a big deal a once in a lifetime opportunity & it will open many doors for the future. that being said it's got to be Ian he is Christian Grey!!!

Melissa L Lovell

I dont think him and nina have anything to worry about there relationship seems solid. if you love someone truely it shouldnt matter you should stand by your partner always nomatter where life takes you. this is a big oppurtunity for him and his carreer. either way his who i imagine as christian gray when i read the books and noone can take that away.

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