Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart Are Hardly Talking Now & We Know What That Means

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kristen stewart robert pattinsonRPatz, ever since you moved to Australia you never write, you never call, you never text or Skype. What's a girl to think? I'm afraid the bittersweet saga of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart is coming to an end. Can you feel it? Well then someone please break it gently to KStew, because I think she's still holding onto her last few shreds of hope.

A source says Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are barely talking these days -- definitely not as much as Kristen would like to. And she's got the blues. She's got 'em bad. I just hope she's not in denial about what's really going on here.

They're just postponing the inevitable. Kristen and Robert are going to break up. We don't know when (after Breaking Dawn 2 DVD release), we don't know how. But this "break" they're taking? It's pretty much a break up in the works. 

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Oh I feel for Kristen, I really do. It sucks to break up. Poor thing. But yeah, Robsten are never, not ever getting back together again. I can see why Robert is putting off the final moment of truth. I would be sloppy of him to do it from the other side of the world. The honorable thing to do would be to break up in person. It's cleaner that way.

And surely Kristen sees it coming? I bet that's even worse that just breaking up. Knowing what's coming -- it's like a slow death! But at least Kristen isn't so bummed that she's just wallowing in her misery. Reportedly she's thrown herself into work, reading scripts and planning her next career move. Good for her! KStew's life isn't going to end just because her romance with RPatz is ending.

How do you distract yourself when you know you're on the verge of a painful breakup?


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Chintami Karrina Poetri

you think you can make a very silly article, where you know that Robsten will never get back together?, you do not know the hearts of both of them, because you too believe in what the media do not know the same few sources where. you better read on gossip cop. because sooner or later the lies that you make will be revealed, because the truth is there, if Robsten is still together and not break up.

nonmember avatar Margaret

Unles your in their confidene and have been with both of them 24/7 can say catorgoricaly Hes never called her then sorry you nor anyone knows whats going on ME I think if its over shes well shot of him They got back together at his request Perhaps he did it cos he was still in love hey maybe they still are but sometimes love is not enough. I dont agree with you hed have been kinder to have finished with her if thats whats going on BEFORE he left for Ozz To make her wait 8 weeks not knowing whats going on is unuterably cruel and not the act of a gentleman I thought he was There again they could stil be togetehr or they could have finished before he went and we are just guessing They have made no statement
It could have been all over since December OR they could still be in some sort of relationship Here in Ozz hes hardly been mentioned or seen hes out in the Desert area Shes been to a few nights out all very platonic so we can only guess IT may even be they never got back together at all and it was all done for BD2 only time will tell I wish both of them well oddly especially her as boy has she paid and paid for her mistake paid far mjroe than any every day girl would have paid fame can suck at times

Vennie Bermudez

The correct title of this article should be:

"Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart Are Hardly Talking & Now We Know What That Means"

nonmember avatar Guest

She didn't have the blues when she was banging the other dude.

Gwenda Wakely

Just shows what a scum bag he is,he is no gentleman,this is his way of hurting her,when he left for Australia he had no intention of ever taking her back,or talking to her,no one dose the wrong thing to the mighty self centered Mr Patterson and can expect forgivness. He was about to go back to England the day he got the call,to tell him,Kristen wanted him for the lead role.What a way to treat her,I know she did the wrong thing,but he was the other half of the relationship,and very moody.She has paid her dues. The public have long memories Mr Pattinson and so far the only thing you have shown us iS NO ACTING TALENT(,YOU HAVE BEEN TRYING SINCE HARRY POTTER) and you are no GENTLEMAN YOUR SMOOTH TALK Mr NICE GUY IS JUST AN ACT. yOU WOULDENT TREAT YOUR DOGS THE WAY YOU HAVE TREATED OTHER PEOPLE.


Suzanne Faye Myers

i wish the tabloids would bugger off they are still together all the tabloids are doing is making up a story because they will lose money if they dont

Suzanne Faye Myers

why are the tabloids so nasty not one of you know if they are talking or not because were robert is at the moment is desert  its hot and dusty and thats more than likeley why he told her to stay in laor he may have said nothing and shes working and looking after the animals  and not one of there friends or family would tell you anythinganyway i suppose time will tell and i hope you tabloid idiots get whats coming your way


nonmember avatar Adnylem

I'm pretty sure you have no idea what's going on with these two - nobody does but them. Why do you gossip columnist feel the need to write about things you have no information about? Stop it already.

nonmember avatar Emma

I dont get why people are saying horrible things about Robert.
At the end of the day he is a man who fell in love and unfortunatly that person then broke hes heart by cheating on him.
Now hes emotions are probably all over the place as hes unsure what to do.
When someone cheats the trust is gone and you have to decide whether you trust the person you love enough to let them rebuild that trust or whether you will never trust them again.
Leave the poor man alone.

Seth Aicklen

For what it's worth, I suspect that Rob has chosen to take a little natural break in the relationship. There were lots of reports of arguments between them before he left. Rob may be having a vacation away from all that, and will see whether things go better when he returns, to determine what to do with the relationship. If that is so, he is being a gentleman, a responsible adult. Who knows? Certainly none of us, including those with strong opinions. They have no idea what they are talking about.

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