‘Bachelor’ Sean Lowe & Catherine Giudici’s TV Wedding Will Make Us Believe in True Love

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sean and catherineHi. My name is Lindsay, and I'm a Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici-oholic. I've been addicted for 12 hours now, ever since The Bachelor finale, and there's no end in sight. I don't know how they reeled me in, but they did. Something about Catherine's adorably gummy smile and her love of food makes me think that she's real. And the way Sean lights up when she walks into the room? Stop. They've made me a believer and I never, ever, thought I'd say this, but I cannot wait for their TV wedding. True love lives! On ABC, no less!

On After the Final Rose, Catherine and Sean revealed that, yes, they'll get married on television and, no, they don't feel like extending the waiting period. Sounds like these two could be walking down the aisle in a matter of months.

For a second there, I thought they were actually going to get married by Chris Harrison on the set of After the Final Rose, but Catherine put a stop to that right quick.

While there is still a majority share in my brain assuring me that these two will never work out (they've only known each other two months! they don't know what it's like to live together in the real world! they're only getting married ASAP so that Sean can finally get some! Bachelor couples never work out! and real couples hardly ever work out, too! I mean, just look at the national divorce rate! it's over 50 percent!), there's something about Seantherine that makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. They make me want to believe, so I will.

So far, there aren't any details on the nuptials, but there's one thing I hope that gets straightened out before the big day -- Catherine keeps saying that she can't wait to be his wife, which is fine and all, but it just sounds so passive for such a strong woman. I wish she'd say that she can't wait to have him as her husband, or something along those lines. He's just as lucky as she is!

Seantherine forever.

Do you think they should get married on TV?


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Cheryl Elliott Feltman

Absolutely, why not let ABC pick up the tab for a fairytale wedding...besides, we all want to be there, right.  I can't wait.


Barbara Magill

Absolutely, I have been a bachelor/bachelorette fan forever and some episodes just dishearten me but Sean and Catherine are just to real (as far as tv real can be) and I love watching them. Addicted to the tens... can't wait to see the wedding. I wish them God's blessings and if they hold onto their faith and stand for what is right and good it will work...

Tammy Kreklau-macleod

yes of course and cant wait. thier are couples of the bachelor and the bachelorett that are still going strong, some couples might not last but there are some....let us know when it is....

nonmember avatar westcoastgal

why not get married on tv...I didn't watch this season but I do believe you're incorrect in stating there haven't been any long term couples. didn't the first couple, trista and ryan, get married and have a few kids? still married? also...just my opinion...but i don't think you're giving up your status as a strong and independent woman to choose wording of "become his wife"...what difference does it make??? I'm strong and independent but was also happy to "become his wife" when anticipating my wedding a few years ago.

Johnny Shlick

He picked the Filipino chick! Are you crazy? They are one of the most cheated race ever! I was cheating with 5 married Filipino married women during a 5 year span here in San Jose area California. NO Joke. They are one of the most easiest to get. (Well.. for me) And as far has gold digger high maintenance. I think they invented it! Good luck dude!

nonmember avatar Joe

Sounds like you have no morals and you happened to get involved with your type. Don't stereotype Filipino women. Educate yourself first.

nonmember avatar Smart

@Johnny Shlick
SHUT UP!!!!!!! Filipinos are educated and most of them have college degree. I bet you Johnny Slick did not even have a college education.

Delia Filomeno

Lindsay Mannering love your article!!! Me too, I'm an avid follower of Sean and Catherine. Re Johnny S.' comment is just a total lie!!! Filipinos are well educated, intelligent, and smart race!!! Further your education,John the innocent!!!

Judy Ingram

Sure! Why not have a wedding of their dreams that won't cost them anything. Can't wait.

nonmember avatar C. Mina

It's very insulting when an individual who is very critical of Filipino women and states that they cheat on men all the time. I take great offense to that statement. You should be ashame of yourself. I am a very proud Filipino woman. My parents were married for 51 years and they are my role models. I sincerely wish Catherine and Sean the best for them. You could see that they truly are devoted to each other and so much in love.

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