Elisabeth Hasselbeck Staying for Now But She Can Do Better Than ‘The View’

Rumors have been flying that Elisabeth Hasselbeck has not been asked to return to ABC’s The View next season due to her scary right-wing ideas like life beginning at conception. Us Weekly reported last week that the conservative commentator did not have her contract renewed for next year after polling showed that viewers thought her to be “too extreme.”

But then on Monday’s show, Barbara Walters walked in arm-in-arm with the 35-year-old mom of three and announced that she isn’t going anywhere. “The truth is, we love Elisabeth … beyond that we value and appreciate her point of view,” she said. “It’s important to us because Elisabeth helps give the show perspective and balance … we have no plans for Elisabeth to leave the show.”

So is she staying or is she going? Sources say that ABC is “saving face” for both Elisabeth and the show by allowing her to leave on her own terms. The insider says that producers are “just leaving the door open for Elisabeth to announce she is leaving on her own when she’s ready … they don’t want to make her look bad and don’t want to make the show look bad for canning her … they just want to make it seem like Elisabeth decided to leave on her own when the announcement comes.”

Whether or not they’ve asked her to leave, I think it’s a good move for her. She’s been with the battleaxes other ladies for nearly a decade, and somehow she’s managed to smile through it all. That cannot be easy. Take it from someone that knows, being the lone conservative voice in a liberal-leaning venue can be vexing and sometimes even downright frustrating.

There are positive aspects, of course. It forces you to stay sharp and focused. You have to do your homework, because you need to be able to back up what you say with facts and numbers. Your mind doesn’t go into tunnel vision, because you’re constantly exposed to other people’s viewpoints that are so different from your own.

Maybe it’s the middle child in me, but sometimes it’s even fun to be a little contrarian. Especially when you’re breaking stereotypes like the GOP being composed mainly of old white guys.

That being said, I think it’s time for Elisabeth to move on from her current gig. She’s had a good run, and certainly has added some balance to a show that would otherwise be a bunch of liberals patting each other on the back (we already have that -- it’s called MSNBC), but I bet her talents could be put to better use elsewhere.

Best of luck to her, whether she stays on The View or not. And best of luck to ABC trying to keep the show going should she decide to leave. Love her or hate her, I bet there are more people that tune in to see her than tune out because of her “extreme” beliefs.

Will Elisabeth Hasselbeck’s departure from The View affect your TV-watching schedule?

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kcorrie kcorrie

I can barely watch that show because of her.  I get that there's supposed to be a mix of left/right-wing so as to make the show diverse and interesting.  That said, the way she says things, with the prim look and condescending tone, makes it near impossible to hear the point(s) she tries to make.  Sometimes I even agree with her, but her tone and self-righteousness make it difficult for me to hear her, let alone like her.

howcrazy howcrazy

Completely agree with above commenter. She comes across as horribly closeminded. I usually turn if she is on.

nonmember avatar Kristi

Her beliefs aren't the problem (at least from the people I know). Her attitude is. She's so off putting in her mannerisms and the way she speaks that you can't even hear what she's saying. Believe what you want, but express yourself well and maintain likability. It's amazing to me how you are always screaming about how "liberals" won't give you a chance and how prejudiced they are against you. Yet in this article and the other one about this exact topic (slow news day?) it wasn't the liberals who were attacking republicans, just stating how they didn't like her because of her attitude and appeal and how it was the conservatives who were being nasty to liberals. Might want to take a few minutes to reflect on that with that non tunnel vision mind of yours.

nonmember avatar Sally

While all opinions (that can be backed up by legit research) are valid, the whole martyr complex on the left gets kinda old. While it exists on both sides of the aisle, it's difficult to take the persecution of right wing that seriously.

Susan Shaknitz Mcdermott

She is the only one worth watching everyone else is not educated enough to give a crap what they say.

zandh... zandhmom2

Her attitude really is no different than Joy or Whoppi.  When they don't agree with something, they roll their eyes or make nasty jokes to cover up for the fact they have no better response.  I haven't watched this show in a couple of years and I really wish they would just cancel it.  And to be honest, I don't have anything nice to say about Barbara or Sherri either.

Judy Kopach

Was sooo happy to hear she was leaving and then dissapointment! She is so self rightous and she does have an attitude problem!

nonmember avatar Stella

I totally agree with several of the posters above. I am often in line with Hasselbeck's opinions but her tone and attitude are such a turn-off. I can't say that I'd be sorry to see her go, but I hope they replace her with someone who has right wing opinions but is not so hard on the ears.

Amanda M Dotson

If Elizabeth is done with The View, so am I. She DOES give the show a different viewpoint (which IS A GOOD THING) even if its not YOUR viewpoint. Honestly, I'm sick of all the liberal BS from the other ones...THAT'S suffocating.

Darla Jean Christopher

Ditto kcorrie. She isn't intelligent next to the other women, but extremist right wingnuts DEMAND extra representation & attention. She is the Paul Ryan of TV.

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