Kristen Stewart's Mom to Direct Her First Movie -- And Kristen Is in It!

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It looks like the world is going to miss out on Kristen Stewart playing an LGBT prison inmate, and that's a shame, because it sounds like her kind of role! Not to mention that it would have been directed by her script supervisor mother, Jules Stewart. But Kristen got too "big" for that kind of low-budget flick -- even with mom directing -- so Jules recast it. But don't worry, Kristen will still have a cameo.

It's no secret and Jules and Kristen are thisclose. In fact, rumor had it that it was Jules that KStew moved in with temporarily after her cheatinggate scandal breakup with Rob Pattinson. Jules and Kristen's father, Jonn, were divorced last year.

Jules had originally cast the movie K-11, which is about LGBT prisoners in Los Angeles, six years ago -- with Kristen in one of the leads. But then a little thing called Twilight came along and blew up. Says Jules:

She kept working and she kept working and she kept working. And she got really big and we were still really small and I was like, 'Go! Go do Snow White, please, go make those big films honey, that's wonderful!'

Did she say she told Kristen to "Go do Snow White's director"?? Wait, lemme read that again. Ahh. Okay. Different.

So Jules recast actress Portia Doubleday as Butterfly, the role Kristen originally had. But she still had a little something for her kid. Kristen will play a small but pivotal role as a "secretary who picks up a very important phone call." Hmm. Doesn't exactly smell Oscar to me.

As for Kristen's acting chops, Jules says:

Kristen has a dark side. Kristen has the edge -- thank god, right?

Sure, mom. She's nice and edgy. Anyway, it will be good for Kristen and her mom to get to spend some time together, especially on a movie set, where they are both comfortable. Kristen's had a rough couple of years and could probably use some mommy care.

Does this sound like a film you'd go see?


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nonmember avatar Somebody

I would definitely go see the movie with or without Kristen, just to see how MamaStew does with directing. Talented family I must say. I hope the flick does well, and I await anxiousily to see it.

Gloria Hovis

I think it's good to see Kristen and her mom working together and spending time with her mom is a good thing. everyone needs their mother I know I do, but my mother had passed away years ago.
So this is good for Kristen she also spends time with her dad as well and her brother to. So good luck to Kristen and also I say good luck with Kristen and Robert as well. I'm a fan of Kristen and I'm a fan of Robert to so good luck to both love them both.

Jennifer Hanna

should be a nice change for everyone. and family time is wonderful

Megan Lewis

Kstew is really sucking up that high horse, cant wait till her career starts dieing, OH WAIT it already is after the bombed Snow White flick LOSER!

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