Kanye West’s Feud With Justin Timberlake Makes Him Look Like a Baby, Not a Daddy (VIDEO)

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kanye justin timberlakeMo-o-om, Kanye West and Justin Timberlake are fighting! And Kanye started it. Not that it matters. Kanye and JT seem to be having themselves a little feud, and on the scale of stupid and petty it ranks right up there with every argument your kids have ever had over who got the most cookies and who's turn it is to play with the Wii.

Kanye threw the first punch in an unhinged rant at a concert a couple weeks ago. "I got love for Hov, but I ain't f--king with that Suit and Tie," he said. (Hov is Kanye' buddy and Timberlake collaborator Jay-Z). We would have loved it if JT had been the bigger man and just ignored Kanye. But on SNL this weekend Justin Timberlake dissed Kanye right back.

Singing that new hit single, "Suit and Tie," Justin changed the lyrics from "Aww, sh-t so sick, got a hit and picked up a habit" to my "hit's so sick, got rappers acting dramatic." Which is actually kind of funny. And he delivered in that cool, smooth way of his and went into "that's all riiiiight" like he's just flattered by Kanye's hysteria. Oh Kanye, he got you.

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I think the pressure of being under all that scrutiny as Kim Kardashian's baby daddy is getting to Kanye. He's cracking up! And he's taking it out on cute, likeable (and harmlessly silly) people Justin Timberlake. But Kanye needs to walk away at this point. Take a deep breath, shake it off, and walk it off.

Kanye is someone's future father, after all. And if you think about it, this is his first big test of fatherhood. We already know Kanye is prone to these wacky rants from out of the blue. And maybe it's sort of part of rapper culture (I guess?). But now that Justin's called him out on "acting dramatic" he needs to recognize that and cool it down. No one wants to see their daddy acting like an overgrown toddler.

Do you think Kanye has the maturity to be a father?


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BPayne09 BPayne09

I think nobody should be the slightest bit surprised when Kanye acts like a douche bag. This is common for him. With him and Kim as parents I feel sorry for their kid.

nonmember avatar k.w

There's no need to feel sorry for their kid. Don't underestimate ones ability to be a parent, its quite rude

popta... poptart0325

Kanye has repeatedly proven that he's not that mature. I think my four-year-old daughter has more maturity in her little finger than he does in his entire father. I hope becoming a father makes him grow up for the baby's sake.

tuffy... tuffymama

Kanye is somewhat synonymous with crybaby pettiness and childish douchery, so I don't think this surprises anyone.

Seely... SeelyGoose

Kanye didn't exactly make himself look good, or right, by going after Justin. Since Justin is the one most people like that was a beyond idiotic move on Kanye's part. 

Numom... Numom61507

All Kanye did was make himself sound like a jealous little child. I wonder how many times he's going to whine now that Jay-Z is going to be touring with Justin..

BPayne09 BPayne09

Lol ok k.w....

Richard Franklin

Jessica Beil= The bangin ass in Hollywood!!!!!! I mean that ass is freakin awesome!! You cant deny that!!

Kim Kardashian = The bangin ass in the rich hood!!!!GREAT ass... But what has she done to show it... TV>Videos>Cable.. If it wasnt for TMZ who the fuck would care?

nonmember avatar lovelyme

You people are mindless idiots! People always want to rag on Kanye, but no one has said anything about the way that Justin left Janet Jackson high and dry with the whole wardrobe malfunction situation. He ran away like a dog with its tail between his legs and left her high and dry to take all of the nasty criticism as if he wasn't even part of the performance. Since then, Justin Timberlake has been the biggest punk in the business. Also, have you people ever stopped to think that this whole thing is some big publicity stunt to keep Kanye's name out there and to help Justin Timberlake sell more records? Celebrities do this type of thing all the time if you pay attention. Why in the world would Kanye hate on Justin Timberlake's success? Kanye has his own money, and his own success. He writes music , produces, and is an artist himself. He has money coming in three ways. And unless you have money coming in three ways, stop hating on Kanye and get your game up.

Sean Hall

If he was mature, how did he wind up with a Kardashian?

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