Kristin Cavallari Says MTV Fabricated Her Drug Problem & That’s Just Disgusting


Kristin CavallariEver since Kristin Cavallari has gotten off of The Hills and away from MTV, it seems like her life is better. Now engaged to Jay Cutler and a proud momma to their son Camden, you would hardly think that MTV's past party girl was the same woman sitting down with Giuliana Rancic on the E! special that aired last night. Looking gorgeous as always, Cavallari had no problem reflecting on her MTV past, saying that at the time she was living two lives: one as bitchy party girl they made her to be on TV, and the real her.

Kristen told Rancic that an MTV producer unsuccessfully tried to bribe her costars with $10,000 Birkin bags to fabricate stories about her having a drug problem, saying that at that point she felt used and realized that she didn't matter, it was all about ratings.

The truth? I'm totally not surprised. "Reality TV" has been anything BUT real for a while now. But to this extent? If Kristin's claims are true, this is just gross.

Reality television has always been sketchy. Case in point, you really mean to tell me that Kim Kardashian really dreams of being a crime scene investigator? OF COURSE NOT. Without some sort of storyline, most reality shows would be drab and boring. Going along with some of these plot lines, well, it's what these "celebs" sign up for when they agree to be on one of these messes.

With that said, though, this whole Kristin drug use scenario is taking things to a whole other level. Making Kim Kardashian out to be someone with a police fantasy is one thing. MTV allegedly making an innocent blonde from California out to be a bonafide drug user? That's too much.

Addiction is no joke, and accusing someone of using drugs isn't either. Although scary -- covering the happenings of someone who really has a problem, like Kim Richards on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, that's fair game. Making up a problem that "doesn't exist" just to boost ratings? That's just not OK.

Do you believe this? Are you getting tired of "reality TV"?


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Aeris... AerisKate

I am so tired of reality t.v.  I guess it's not going away anytime soon though since lots of people enjoy it.  I don't watch any reality t.v. anymore - in fact, I'm tired of a lot of what's on t.v. and rarely watch anything. 

nonmember avatar Eras

I know coke users and have used myself a time ago. I have seen the "Hills scenes" where Kristin Cavallari is more than high on coke (not only booze, not heroin or anything else). In pics at that time you can see her face look the way it changes when you use. Everyone who knows drugs can see it. It is a shame that she blames MTV for fabricating. During the last Hills Season Kristin was out in the clubs a lot. Please do not deny...

nikol... nikolita87

Reality TV is not real, I will give you that. But consider the source. I wouldn't believe anything Kristin says!

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