Teresa Giudice's Friend Jennifer Dalton on ‘RHONJ’ Will Make Things Ugly -- Yes!!!

teresa giudiceI don't think I'm alone when I say that The Real Housewives of New Jersey need a cast shake-up. Despite RHONJ being, hands down, the most drama-filled, painful-to-watch-but-can't-look-away of all the shows in the franchise, it needs a change. We've been watching the same women fight the same fights for two seasons in a row now (Teresa Giudice V. Melissa Gorga; Teresa Giudice V. Caroline and Jacqueline), and at this point, it's like, "Alright, we get it. It's Teresa against the world." So, Bravo, obviously capable of reading our minds, has gone and thrown a new lady into the mix.

It's being reported (though not yet confirmed) that "glam girl" Jennifer Dalton has joined the season 5 cast of RHONJ. Dalton supposedly was brought in so that Teresa would have somebody on her side, as the women have been friends for years. But, if Housewives history repeats itself, it's only a matter of time before these women go from friendsies to frenemies.

Wetpaint caught up with Tre recently at a Cuffs by Kim D party, and while she wouldn't confirm Dalton was joining the cast, she did reveal that the two were close, saying: "She’s been my friend for almost five years." She also responded, "Whatever Jennifer wants!" when asked whether or not she encouraged her to join the show.

I really hope that these two women don't wind up becoming arch nemesis-es, because I don't think I can handle too much more of Teresa fighting with people. It's maddening; uncomfy to watch; and to be totally forthcoming, it feels kind of wrong. It's like we're all watching this woman unravel and no one's doing anything about it.

If this Jennifer woman does make it on to the show, I kind of have a feeling she and Teresa will wind up butting heads at some point, catapulting her into the arms of Team Melissa/Caroline/Jacqueline, creating a full-on divide once again. I sort of hope not, but it kind of seems inevitable when you're dealing with Tre.

Do you think Jennifer and Teresa will become enemies?


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nonmember avatar J Harb

Teresa can't get along with anyone. She is much too selfish to allow a friend to become competition for anything. She treats people horribly. I would bet she has no REAL friends. She isn't very attractive anyway & spends way too much for no reason. Why she would put her family in such debt to dress her brats in designer duds is beyond me. People like that don't deserve children. She has no real brains or manners. She wants to be high society, but doesn't have what it takes to mix with normal people who are kind & thoughtful & use their brains instead of piles of cash. Fun to watch her go down the drain, tho.

Carol Lanning

If Teresa was not on the show their will not be a RHONJ so it is so nice that my girl will be back on can't want,,

Joyce H Reiss

Personally I don't think she is the sharpest knife in the drawer.  But, she must doing something right as she is selling all those cookbooks she wrote (ha,ha)!  Without her RHONJ would be one long snooze.  Unfortunately the other ladies aren't terribly interesting.  The bottom line: no show without Teresa.

nonmember avatar Bobbi

It's really sad that so many think there wouldn't be a show without Teresa! I would definitely watch without her! I may be one of the few that really enjoys seeing the other ladies and their families just living life. The Manzo's are hysterical, Chris & Jacqueline's story is touching, the Gorga's are so in love and adorable and Kathy and Richie are not only happily married but they're excellent role models for other parents! Honestly I DVR Trainwreck Teresa, Juicy Joe and their brood of disrespectful ingrates! Its sad that so many only watch for the drama!

Norma J Brill

   Gotta say Teresa makes the show like her or not.

Jo-Ann Tuohey

Teresa does make the show, total snooze without her. She is nice to people who are nice to her, like Dina; wish Dina would come back!

Joanne Hester

They write these article in a weird way, we don't even know if The ladies are fighting really or not..I am beginning to feel they set these scenario up , They think that is what we want to see, kinda like watching a train wreck.. I like Teresa with her family when she happy she is a fun lady. I don't like all this other dark crap.  Melissa and Kathy are fine but not with Teresa. I wish Teresa could just have her own show and let Caroline and the rest have theirs then

Jacqueline Lennon Ross

If her so called 'friend' winds up getting more attention, the viewers decide they like her, and when she inevitably stops drinking the teresa krazy koolaid, teresa will wind up hating her too.....we know how it ends before it starts.

nonmember avatar Cynthia

I really can't stand Teresa or her family of animals. I love the rest of the cast but count me out, I've had enough. I can't believe people actually think Teresa makes this show. Bye-bye!

nonmember avatar Samson

Love Teresa, hate Carowhine and the Whoregas.

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