Kim Kardashian’s Marriage to Kris Humphries Bashed as Fake by Surprising Critics

kim kardashianEighteen months after Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian got divorced, Kris's family has broken their silence. Kris's Aunt Dedria and Uncle Mike have come forth and echoed the sentiments Kris has been litigiously implicating for over a year now: That his and Kim's marriage was a sham; that Kim only wed him for ratings; and that Kris Jenner is the evil, mustache-twirling mastermind behind it all.

Aunt Dedria, who had no idea who Kim was when she learned that her nephew was engaged to her, stated: "It was a sham. My understanding of marriage is people are going to give it more than 72 days unless there’s serious abuse. If I felt somebody had duped me and used me in front of the whole world, I would be very angry." She then added: "An annulment says it wasn’t valid in the first place. She should admit that it was a sham at the very least." Uncle Mike, who used less euphemistic terminology said: "I can just see him wanting a pound of flesh back. I believe he wants payback." He then blasted Kris Jenner, saying: "He wants to thump that mom -- she uses people. I would dearly love for her to get thumped. She’s the mastermind. You can just see that’s the brains making that thing go. The wicked part is she’s using her family to make that thing. All of it’s really due to her." He also called Kanye a "chump" for getting "mixed up" with Kim.

I wouldn't dispute anything Uncle Mike or Aunt Dedria said, as I, too, believe that Kim and Kris's marriage was solely for the purpose of ratings. But at the same time, having relatives speak to the media is just turning this shit show into more of a media circus than it already is. I think most people think Kim married Kris for fame. No need to belabor the point by having relatives come out of the woodwork.

Part of me hopes that Kris gets what he wants, as it would be epically awesome if Kim had to come out and say their marriage was fake, but another part of me just wants this to be over with. Enough already. I feel bad that Kris got/is getting/will get screwed, but I think it's time he close this chapter of his life and move on already.

Do you think Kim and Kris' marriage was fake?


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Judy Green

If it was fake he knew it from the start so how did he get screwed? He used her just as much as she used him...............I just think she could have picked someone more famous than him for a fake marriage if it was just for the publicity.

nonmember avatar Christie

Rushed because Khloe rushed it? yes...Rushed for ratings and $? Yes.... Fake? No....and none of those comments from family members say any different. I truly think she wanted it to work, was it stupid? sure, but I don't think divorce was ever her intention, I just think she saw how happy Khloe is in her marriage and thought hers could be the same. But Kris is a douche and it didn't work, the end. What kind of idiot marries someone like her then says "the only way we will have kids is if you quit your job and we move to my hometown to raise them" that was IMO what started the falling apart of the marriage, anything after that was like trying to put a bandaid over the stub of a severed limb...not working. I think they were both complete idiots for not talking things like that out before being married, and for her not knowing they live two completely different lives, him dirty, her neat, etc. and their schedule conflicts, anyone with any sense knew it wasn't going to work, Khloe tried to warn her. But they all knew what they were doing when they got married, he can't blame her now.

BabyL... BabyLadyG12

I don't think Kim married Kris solely for fame and I don't think she divorced him because of fame (or lack thereof) either.  She's a public person who thrives on publicity (and it's how she makes her money).  Perhaps part of what was appealing to her about him was that she thought people who think Kris would be well matched partner for her.  I think it's disgusting to suggest she went through with the marriage just for fame.  Also, I don't think Kris got screwed in the least.  He's way more famous now than he ever was before, and who says he didn't marry her just for the fame?  His aunt and uncle need to STFU.  They know about as much about this marriage as I do!

nonmember avatar Belly

Im sorry but no one forced him to purpose to her....... he did it all on his own. So I dont think that he should be crying wolf..... he got more then his 15 min of fame. Sign the damn paper and go away.

nonmember avatar LOL

Just because it happened over a year ago it doesn't make it right!!! You guys don't have to like the situation like its none of anyone's business!!! Kris and Kim both know the truth no matter how many False reports are written about both of the_the truth will come out eventually

Jenna Braudrick

Does anyone realize that he asked her to marry him? Was he told to do that? No one made him propose and maybe she said yes for the ratings and maybe she said yes for love, either way he asked her.

nonmember avatar singer825

It really disgusts me that articles keep claiming that she married him for fame. As if Kris Humphries was such a household name before Kim. Give me break. Like others have stated, no one held a gun to his head to propose. He did it all on his own. Then lo and behold, it turns out they are completely incompatible. He is just as much at fault as she is for rushing in eyes closed and he should be ashamed for dragging the divorce out this long. He is coming off like a vindictive child and needs to move on.

nonmember avatar emmie

As much as I can't stand Kim, I'd choose her over Kris. That guy was such a tool. Especially when they went on vacation with her family, when he asked Kris J if he could hurt Rob. If I was her I would've slapped the crap out of him.

T.Horne T.Horne

I say BRAVO to him for having the balls to stand up to this game whore family! I think Kim manipulated the situation and he fell head over heels in love with her! He went into the marriage thinking it was love. She knew before the wedding, but she refused to stop it because of the $$$. She never even allowed him to move in with her! Yes he asked her to marry him, but he did so because he loved her. It was a circus and Kris Jenner was the ring master! I hope he gets everything he is asking for!

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