'Kourtney & Kim Take Miami' Recap: Scott Calls Kourtney Fat & Makes Her Cry

Kourtney KardashianScott Disick has been playing it pretty nice this season, but tonight on Kourtney & Kim Take Miami, he showed his low side once again when he was taunting Kourtney for her weight. She just had her second baby, she was still breastfeeding, and here he was relentlessly poking fun at her for being "fat" and offering not-so-helpful advice.

It started off with a few little comments about her not wearing a bikini, but he just wouldn't stop. His defense was that he thought she wasn't happy, and he was just trying to help her, which was bullsh#t. When he told her his ideal weight for her is 93 pounds (she weighed in at 115), I'm surprised she didn't punch him.

He later said he was joking, but he sure didn't seem to be. When he told her that he fell in love with her when she was super skinny, that was a really low blow. No one wants to be reminded of that. Then he kept implying that she wasn't trying as hard to lose the weight as she did after she had Mason.

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When she told him she was trying to lose the weight the healthy way, he told her to "do it healthy, but do it sooner," and that was pretty much the final straw. She finally broke down in tears, and then he started to backtrack and said he was just joking, blah blah blah. But he should have never pushed her that far. In the end they made up, and she vowed to try to work harder to lose the weight, which is great, but it also really reminded us what a jerk Scott can be.

I can't even comment on the whole Kim Kardashian gone private eye story line. It was all just too bizarre, and I kept having this horrible image of some spin-off show that's a mix of Kardashians and Cops. I hope Fara, the young woman for whom they were searching, is helped by the publicity, and if so, it was worth watching. But still, Kim involved in police work is just too disconcerting to contemplate. Almost as disconcerting as that blood facial -- yuck!

Do you think Scott went overboard with his comments about Kourtney's weight? Do you think she forgave him too easily?


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Debbie Hoffman-Grant

yes he did scott is a dum ass and i think he is really gay and doesn't want to come out....come think about it he is always fooling around with the brother...and most of all he wears pink...

jhslove jhslove

I don't understand why they're keeping him around. He's a total asshole and a complete moron to boot. He doesn't contribute anything, but just continues to sponge off of them and doesn't appear to show any desire to grow up, support himself or do anything meaningful. And Kourtney needs to consider that with Scott as the example for how men should treat women, both her son AND her daughter are in danger of growing up with some pretty effed up views on relationships.

IMO, she would be far, far better off without him. He's nothing but dead weight holding her back. I know he's the kids' father, but from all appearances, he's a terrible father and the kids would probably be better off without him too. And next time, maybe she shouldn't have kids with someone who's so clearly unprepared to be an adult or a good husband and father.

nonmember avatar sandy

There is only one reason to comment on another person's weight, and that is if their is a real cause for health concern; even that has to be done with real kindness. As for a new mom who is still breast feeding? The only time to comment is never!

coco_... coco_rose

Total jerk. Good on her for doing it the healthy way. What does he want for her to go over board and collapse on the beach like she did last time

BeckyP. BeckyP.

What sucks is, his son will end up being just like him as an adult, a total douche bag and his daughter will more than likely struggle with self image issues because of his comments to her mother. Its pretty sickening and just plain sad.

Jennifer Chiodo

He went way overboard!! If he really loves Kourtney then he needs to love all of her even with some extra weight. My gosh 115 pounds IS skinny!! I do think she made up with him way too quickly. The problem is in my opinion is she puts up with him because she doesn't think anyone else would want to be with her which is not true!! Two insecure people in a relationship won't last!!

jmbunnie jmbunnie

 He should call her a selfish and spoiled bi***, that only cares about her kids, which she wouldn't have without Scott. Kourtney is so mean and ROTTEN to everyone. She THINKS she is the queen and that she is better than everyone else.. Here is some news for Kourtney: YOU R A BI*** and a rotten human being. You should kiss the ground that Scott walks on for putting up with ur actions and the way u talk to him. Shame on I!! Is that what you want to show your kids?

jmbunnie jmbunnie

Scott should leave her!! Look what she is teaching their kids. No work ethic, and to put their father down as much as possible. He is a grown man with 2 kids, that look just like him, thank GOD. Maqybe it is time for Scott to cut the bi^^^ off, leave her. Enough is enough!!

spider3 spider3

Really I'm 5'2" and 115 my doctor says I'm underweight so he must want her to be unhealthy and and sickly

spider3 spider3

And jmbunnie he won't leave her she has more money he spend as long as she has that he'll stay

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