Elisabeth Hasselbeck Shouldn't Be Leaving 'The View'

Elisabeth HasselbeckSo you've heard the rumors. Long-time The View co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck is leaving the ABC morning show (along with Joy Behar) because she's too right wing. But is this really the right way to keep Barbara Walters' baby alive? 

The network responded to the bye bye Elisabeth rumors with a statement that says only that the conservative co-host is a "valued" member of the team and has a "long-term contract." Ye-owch! Sounds like a nice way of saying "don't let the door hit you on the you-know-what on your way out," doesn't it?

Maybe it just sounds that way if you're a reporter who has listened to her fair share of public relations spin. The non-answer is pretty typical of publicists who are trying to deflect a question. Note that the network hasn't denied that Hasselbeck, who has stirred up controversy with her various comments about abortion over the years, is radically right wing.

More importantly, they haven't said outright that she's sticking around.

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But as much as it hurts this liberal to say it, letting Hasselbeck go might be the dumbest thing the network could do.

It's true that in the past nine years, the one-time Survivor finalist's name has made headlines more for something controversial than for something positive. The Roman Catholic made us all squirm when she said the morning-after pill should be banned -- even in cases of rape and incest. Then there was the time she tried comparing the Casey Anthony trial to putting Osama bin Laden on trial. Ooh, and anyone remember when she made some seriously offensive comments about Erin Andrews ... and then put up a faux apology?

Of course you do. We remember every time Elisabeth Hasselbeck sticks her foot in her mouth. 

Oh yeah, and ABC? We tune in to see it.

America may not love Elisabeth Hasselbeck, but that's exactly why she needs to stay on The View.

She keeps things interesting on a show that's trying desperately to stay relevant 16 years after Barbara Walters first broke ground with an all-female panel that put a new spin on "women's talk shows."

Would you watch The View without Elisabeth Hasselbeck? Who would you want to see take her place on the panel?


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carole76 carole76

The show is going down hill anyway, I think Elizabeth will find bigger and better things.  Who needs them.

Autum... Autumnleaves87

Uuummmmmmmm. Right. The View was the best thing that ever happened to Elizabeth... Bigger and better things??

Kinda like Sarah Palin after she decided to "quit" being governor of her state.. maybe Ms. Hasselbeck has a career of terrible reality tv to look forward to, and *GASP*, if she's lucky.... A "Fox News Contributor"!!! Weeeeeee!!

On the other hand, I do believe The View will lose some attention. The only time I ever see the actual show is when a clip is profiled on another news channel because of something stupid someone said. One less blabbering mouth to make headlines.

Todd Vrancic

If she's not happy at The View anymore, then perhaps she should leave, but they will undoubtedly find another conservative panel member.  A conversation where everybody is agreeing with everyone else is very boring.

abra819 abra819

Cant stand her, but love the drama she bringsz

abra819 abra819

*brings* whoops!

zandh... zandhmom2

I haven't watched that show in years but I'm more thrilled to hear that Joy is leaving.  She is so mean and childish. 

nonmember avatar bmiller

Elisabeth is shrill, opinionated and often interrupts/talks over her co-hosts. While I admit to a liberal bias, I do feel that there must be a more reasoned and reasonable conservative who could be added to the mix. Won't miss her at all!

NatAndCo NatAndCo

I don't agree with her on most things but at least she was a different point of view.

nonmember avatar SS

So funny. There is one non liberal voice on the view and the liberals can't stand even that... All the other hosts are super far left wing... Shepherd seems moderate left. No way I would ever watch it if they took Hasselback off...

nonmember avatar Ri

I stopped watching The View because of Elisabeth. In my opinion, she's rude and can't take it when people tell her that her facts are wrong. There are so many times that she's just come off as really self righteous. I would love them to replace Elisabeth with someone else that is republican. Meghan McCain would be fantastic!!!!

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