'Teen Mom 2' Recap: Jenelle Evans Puts Plastic Surgery & Drugs Ahead of Her Son

Jenelle EvansIt would be nice to watch Teen Mom 2 and be surprised by Jenelle Evans. Unfortunately season 4 looks like more of the same. This week we got to see a lot more of Kieffer, Jenelle once again smoking weed, and the story behind Jenelle's breast implants.

So what didn't we see? Much of little Jace. The teen mom spent most of tonight's episode prioritizing everything but her son.

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At one point, she even flat-out says:

I still haven't seen Jace because I've been so busy working and hanging out with Kieffer.

Working is a good thing -- Jenelle got a job selling advertising online. But did she really just tell the world that she put a guy ahead of her kid?

It gets worse. Now that she's off probation and doesn't have to worry about random drug testing, Jenelle is smoking weed ... again. She has time to pick up a bong and get high, but not see her kid.

We also found out what she was doing with her money from her new job: Jenelle decided to get breast implants because she feels like a 12-year-old girl when she goes to the beach. Kieffer, in the five seconds I actually liked the guy, tries to tell her that she looks good just the way she is. But Jenelle is convinced bigger boobs will make her feel better about herself, so she heads to the plastic surgeon's office.

It isn't until AFTER she checks in with a doctor that she finally decides to go see her mom ... and ends up seeing her son while she's there. Of course, during the conversation, one of her biggest concerns is that her mom keep Jace away from her while she's recovering from surgery because she can't have the toddler touching her new boobs.

Mother of the year, right there!

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As for the other girls, some things never change! Kailyn is still tangling with Jo over custody, and Chelsea is still trying to put Adam behind her.

The South Dakota teen got back on birth control (hallelujah), but then her landlord dropped a bombshell on her that she has to move out. Trying to balance motherhood and school, the ultimatum from the landlord is too much for the teen mom to handle, and she breaks down in tears. The most bittersweet moment of the night goes to Chelsea's little girl, Aubree, who keeps telling her mom to "stop crying."

And then there's Leah who is still trying to figure out if she should go back to ex-husband Corey or try to make it work with Jeremy. Kudos to both of these guys for having a very adult discussion about their own feelings for the mother of twins. She is one lucky girl to have these guys in her life -- they act more grown-up than just about anyone on this show ... especially Jenelle!

What did you think of Jenelle's "parenting" tonight? Can you believe she was more concerned about the size of her boobs than she was about seeing her kid?


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sand008 sand008

She's not a mother. I have to leave my son overnight at my moms house at times because of my work schedule, and it kills me. She could care less about her kid.

MrsKi... MrsKittyKat

Is it just me or did Janelle already have her boobs done in this episode?  The camera was oddly bouncing around them, and when they werent out of the picture, she was in a hoodie and looked post op.  She probably pissed off producers and did it without a heads up, then staged all the heming and hawing about getting a boob job in this episode.  Gah, why do we watch this garbage?

Brandy Barnett

I don't think Jenelle was necessarily post op, but she definitely looked like she was trying to cover up being high. Sadly Jenelles priorities have not changed. Whether its seeing Kesha, smoking weed, sleeping with Keiffer, etc, it is always more important than Jace. I feel so bad for him and Barbara. Sadly, jenelle would have been better off dealing with her self esteem issues in therapy.

bless... blessed2009mom

I think she is a sorry ass mother. I'm a 24 hr mother and I can't leave my son no where without getting sad.. my child is my everything? Jenelle mom should just let her go don't even try to help take care of jace and when he gets older the mother he has will get a mouth full and continue to call his gma moma... she a sorry ass for shit she does she makes me sick I would bitch slap her ass

nonmember avatar kaerae

@blessed - Wow, you sound like one classy mother...

Carrie Moser

I was actually shocked to see they didn't have her arrested for smoking. What is this world coming to where we have to show things like this to get people to watch it??? This girl should be kicked off the air, she is no mother and never will be. Sorry excuse for a woman or should I say little girl.

catst... catstoys4fun

So what is new on that one? She has always put the lil guy behind everything else.

Jai Hutto

This is all that needs to be said 
Jenelle: "I still haven't seen Jase because I've been so busy working and hanging out with Keiffer".
My heart just breaks for that little boy. :-( What kind of woman puts a man before her own child? If I'd been Barbara I'd have sued Jenelle for child support. If she can afford new tits then she can afford to help Barbara finacially for a son that she continually neglects! Jenelle's got some nerve. She disgusts me.

nonmember avatar Squish

And now...she's back with Courtland. LOL!!! This chick is TWISTED and need to be sterilized.

Rhys Branman

I didn't know there were beaches in South Dakota!

Dr Rhys Branman

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