Lindsay Lohan Is an Idiot to Ignore House Arrest

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Lindsay LohanWhat was the moment when you officially thought Lindsay Lohan had lost it? When she skipped a mandatory DUI hearing to go to Cannes? When she stole a necklace from a jewelry store? How about when she was offered house arrest instead of jail time and she said "yeah, nah, I'll pass"?

Yup, Lilo has reportedly been offered just 90 days of house arrest to pay for her latest legal entanglement. Considering she's now officially a repeat offender, it sounds like a gift from the gods. But not for Lindsay, natch.

I'd say it's official ... Lindsay is now delusional.

TMZ is reporting Lohan is nixing the plea deal because she insists she should get no punishment for her latest lying-to-cops and probation violation cases.

No punishment? I'd laugh if I didn't want, so badly, to cry.

Lindsay has been in and out of so many courtrooms in the past few years that America has lost count. By rights, prosecutors should now be throwing the book right at her head. The fact that 90 days of house arrest is even on the table either speaks to some masterful work by her lawyer, Mark Heller, or some prosecutors who are as close to tears as we are seeing this beautiful talent turn into ... well whatever has become of Lindsay Lohan these days.

The Parent Trap and Freaky Friday are actually painful for me to watch these days. That fresh-faced little girl has turned into a delusional adult. That's what you call nixing house arrest because she still thinks she can get off scot-free, right? Delusional?

It's tempting to feel bad for Lindsay because we have seen her as that cute little girl. But when someone is so far gone that they still think they can get away with anything, they need a true wake-up call.

House arrest isn't going to do it for this girl. I say it's time for Lindsay Lohan to find out where normal criminals end up.

How about you? Do you think Lindsay Lohan should get house arrest again?

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laris... larissalarie

She's not at all delusional. She SHOULD have gone to jail repeatedly by now, but always gets off with barely a slap on the hand. Expecting the same result that she's gotten a dozen + times over is not delusional in the slightest.

She obviously SHOULD be going to jail for a long while. However even if she does get a jail sentence, she knows she'll be released within hours or days due to "overcrowding", why take house arrest that has no possibility of being shortened over going to actual jail that will be over and done with in a matter of hours?

nonmember avatar Bethany

hehe I hate to say this..but its been proven the more money one has the bettter the punishment despite the crime. She isnt delusional in expecting no sentence. Hec if she had enough money Im betting she could get away with murder. Anyone for a fresh glass of O.j?

paige... paige8608

Ok - so I didn't read that artical. But I must say...LINDSAY'S FACE IS FUUUUGLY in that pic! lmao! 

Mason... MasonsMom503

She's looking like Big Ang!


Lindsay won't learn a damn thing until her ass gets locked up for a few years. I am sick of hearing about these celebrities who feel they are entitled to special treatment just because they are celebrities. Throw the book at them like anyone else. Most of them need the lesson anyway.

Barb Aroneo Roach

Heck you took my comment away....that face would scare anyone, what the hey, she's one cray cray fugley ugly chick.  Be gone Lindsay only this time I hope they keep you.

tuffy... tuffymama

Not reading the article. I just had to click to check out that pic. That poor girl! She was so beautiful. Look what she has done to herself! She looks like a fifty year old, thrice divorced, trick turning, chain smoking boozehound. So sad. She could have been beautiful for at least thirty more years before she would be considered *merely* "attractive" and "striking." Instead, she has wrecked her looks. I bet she is tortured and hateful on the inside.

Gary Tedeschi

what a ditz. She should hook-up with Dennis Rodman

Terri Wright

I dont expect more than from her. After seeing how her mother behaved and how stupid she is it doesnt surprise me. Her mother actually said she couldnt call 911 from a cell phone cuz " twenty years ago cell phones weren't that inept" are you kidding me?? so she is trying to party like she is in her twenties again, Dina I mean, she is stupid too. Under these circumstances Lindsay has no hope the advice she gets from her mother must be equally stupid.

Mommy... Mommyof3hree

I agree! I think she deserves to FINALLY go to jail!! This whole mess she made for herself is ridiculous! And frankly, I am done hearing about her. I believe personally that all of this drama that she got herself in is just a real big stunt to get noticed! And that is truly a shame! Lindsay, I hope that you gef your head out of your ass and take this plea deal! I want to know who told you that you are special enough to not get jail time after the umpteenth time that you screw up, because that person, sweetheart, lied to you! ♥Good Luck!♥

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