Miley Cyrus Takes Off Ring & Reveals She Can Never Have a Normal Marriage

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Miley CyrusOMG. Did you hear the news? Miley Cyrus has taken off her engagement ring from fiance Liam Hemsworth. PEOPLE! Do you know what this means?

Girlfriend might have been doing dishes before she went outside! Or, OMG, maybe she was playing with her dog and it fell off? OR, wait, no, maybe she took a shower and it dropped down the drain? Or the dog ate it? Or ...

OK, so maybe Miley Cyrus took her ring off because Liam Hemsworth is really a jerk who cheated on her. But you see how long it took to get there?

There are plenty of reasons why a woman would walk out of her house without her engagement ring on, and yet the world has immediately jumped to "Miley and Liam are on the rocks." This despite Miley herself insisting that the wedding is still on, and source close to her backing her up.

Is it possible that her hunky Hunger Games star fiance stepped out with January Jones? Of course. January hasn't denied it. But I've gotta say it: that's Miley's problem. And if she says the wedding is on, then the wedding is G.D. on folks!

Can't we live with that? Or do we somehow feel that because she's been in our living rooms since she was knee high to a grasshopper that we know more about Miley Cyrus than she does?

That's the problem with these child stars, isn't it? We get the sense that we "know" them as kids, when we are smarter and more worldly than they are. So as they age, we can't help but retain that feeling that we're still the big people, and they're still just little kids.

Granted, the world sticks its nose in the business of stars much older (just check out what Mila Kunis had to say recently about doing press for her new movie), but it seems to be on a different level with our kiddie stars.

Miley in particular has barely been able to let out a cough since she made it big as Hannah Montana without the world jumping in to ask if she has a cold.

So yeah, maybe Miley left her ring at home because she's P.O'd at her jerk of a fiance. Or maybe she really just forgot. I'm a happily married woman, and I know I've forgotten my engagement and wedding rings both. Fortunately, I don't have the whole world breathing down my neck when I do it.

All this brouhaha over a naked finger leaves us with only one conclusion: Miley Cyrus will never have a normal life, or a normal marriage for that matter.

If we're this worked up about an engagement ring, can you just imagine what would happen if she, gasp, dropped her wedding ring in the shower?

What do you make of the to-do over whether Miley Cyrus will say I do?


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Bethany Danforth

Where does it say, anywhere, that she won't have a normal marrige?

nonmember avatar Kelly

Waste of time to read! Nothing new to add just took articles from other sources and made this crap of a story

PonyC... PonyChaser

Gotta ask... what is a "normal" marriage? With all of the societal changes that have gone on - we have people living together longer than some married couples, people who marry and divorce in a year, same-sex marriage/cohabitation, "open" marriages, "traditional" marriages where both people are absolutely miserable, divorced couples who hang out together and are happier than when they were legally bound... what is a "normal" marriage anymore? And why can't we just let people be to live the way they feel best suits them?

coco_... coco_rose

I remember one time i didnt have my rings on when my mum came to visit and she made such a big deal about it. I just forgot to put it on with the chaos of mum comming to visit

jessi... jessicasmom1

what is a normal marriage .. hmm

ajb246 ajb246

It doesnt matter what this other chick says or doesnt say. she will know in her heart if he cheated or not.

Laura Collins Page

Trusting a cheater only reveals lies and betrayal. End the relationship before the cheating gets worse.

nonmember avatar Bea K

Who in the world cares about any of these folks, especially when our nation and world are in so much turmoil? The majority of them are nothing but a bunch of spoiled brats, so let's move on to some really important issues and leave them to themselves why don't we? Enough of this mess already.

Ema3 Ema3

Who cares about these spoiled celebrities, can we please move on to more important and worth while issues now, our world is crumbling around us each and every day, but we can't (or won't) find anything more news worthy to report but this dumb mess? Enough already. banging head into wall

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