Lisa Vanderpump Mocks Elusive Adrienne Maloof Plastic Surgery Photos

adrienne maloofJust as sure as the sun will set, a day cannot go by without a nasty snipe for a Real Housewife. Lucky us, today we get a two for one. Both Lisa Vanderpump and Brandi Glanville have trained their sharpened class (yet again) at former friend Adrienne Maloof. As petty as these squabbles tend to be, there's usually an ounce of truth in them. Though this time, it seems like Lisa and Brandi are attacking Adrienne for something that's not really true.

It all started when TMZ approached Lisa asking if she knew about the new eatery Adrienne was opening. Apparently, the former BFF had been bad-mouthing the Vanderpumps' restaurant Villa Blanca. Lisa coolly quipped that she loved the before plastic surgery pictures of Adrienne in Star Magazine. It gave her a nice laugh. Ouch.

If that wasn't enough, Brandi lashed out too. Her feud with Adrienne and Paul Nassif reached epic proportions this season. Insults hurled, lawyers called, wives taking sides, etc. Well, according to Radaronline, on this Monday's episode, Brandi pokes fun at the fact that Adrienne has had more nip/tucks than all of them and cheap/discounted plastic surgery at that. So uncalled for. 

While watching these women go at each other is extremely entertaining, I have to call bulls**t on this latest diss. I have taken a look at Adrienne's face -- before and after stardom. And I have to say, I don't see that much difference. In fact, I would say Lisa's changes are more dramatic. I think if you are going to call someone out on their bad plastic surgery, there should at least be real evidence of it. To Adrienne's credit, she's always looked plastic and waxy. I think Lisa and Brandi are running out of good material. And since Adrienne announced she won't be returning to the show next season, the ladies will have to find a new frenemy to obliterate.

Do you think Adrienne looks that different in her before and after photos?


Images via Bravo

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lobus lobus

I think whats funny is that shes obviously had a lot of surgery already in that "before" photo. I really cant tell if lisas had anything. And whats sad is that most of these girls looked so much better before...not sure what they think they are "fixing"

tuffy... tuffymama

Adrienne has had a ton of surgery. It isn't classy to go broadcasting that about a former friend, mind you, but I don't doubt for a minute the veracity of the accusation. The woman is a stitched up mess and may not even have been born a full female. So yeah. Lots of nip, tuck, snip, suck going on there.

nonmember avatar Georg

You're not looking at the right "before" photo. Check out the one published this week in Star Magazine. It's Adrienne at 15, and to say she's looks unrecognizably different is an understatement.

nonmember avatar HoustonTommy

To be honest...most women would love like Adrienne in their 50's. I guess they will have to find someone else to pick on now that Adrienne is leaving. Best of luck to Adrienne in her new endeavors!

divam... divamomtjcj

plastic surgery in my opinion is just a waste on money if u dont need it. I understand people who were in accidents etc but people who do it for fun its dumb

mamae... mamaebebe

Taylor is unrecognizable too...

Rhys Branman

I am not sure why anyone has to "call" someone else out on cosmetic surgery. It is a personal choice, and I happen to think they both look great. This is becoming reality gone wild!

Dr Rhys Branman

Little Rock Cosmetic Surgery Center

Randy Lee

Thats not a true before pic!

nonmember avatar Kate

As said above, you're not looking at the correct Adrienne before pic. Star mag earlier in March in the cover. Just google it.

Sindy Hudoba-Johnson

 Adrienne is a beautiful women its her money to do with as she pleases she earned it. If I had that kind of money heck ya I get it done too. give the women a break.

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