Justin Bieber's Fight With Photographers Makes Him Look Like a Wimp (VIDEO)

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justin bieberI'll admit it. I'm a Justin Bieber fan. Not in that creepy cougar sort of way. I actually think his music is cute. And as far as pop phenoms go, he always seemed relatively normal and well-adjusted ... that is, until now. He shocked everyone when he unleashed his fury in London this week. That's right. Justin threatened to beat up a photographer. No joke. The entire ridiculous incident was caught on tape and it's too bizarre to miss. Actually, it could have come off as pretty badass and earned him some street cred had it not been for one big thing.

You see, Justin was coming out of a hotel and of course the entrance was swarming with paparazzi. It appears he shoved and elbowed several folks on the way to his SUV. When one photog called him out on his rudeness suggesting it was assault, the pop singer flipped out. He startled hurtling f-bombs and even threatened to "beat the f**k out of you" as he swatted at the guy. You won't belieb your eyes. (Sorry, couldn't resist.)

Take a look at Bieber unleashed!


So, I get why he was so annoyed. They were being incredibly rude. It can't be easy being swarmed all day, every day. But it's easy to threaten to beat someone up when you are surrounded by your own huge bodyguards. He clearly knew that they wouldn't let anything happen to their precious cargo. It kind of takes the edge off his so-called bravado, don't you think?

Same thing can be said of Chris Brown. He's always going off on people, charging them with his huge entourage to back him up. Now, I don't think Justin Bieber is as far gone as Chris -- not by any measure. But I wonder if these guys would be so courageous if they were flying solo. Probably not. They have bought into their own hype because everyone around them treats them like royalty. How can they really grow up to be mature adults when they don't live in reality? I don't think they can. One thing Bieber has going for him is a loving, supportive family. From what I have seen of his mom and grandparents, they won't tolerate that kind of foolishness. So there's still hope for the Biebs yet.

Are you surprised by Bieber's outburst?

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nonmember avatar Dawn

Where's the video? Tried youtubing it, still can't find it. Can't say much about the video without watching it.

Bess Moore

He is a wimp! What a Puke! Overpaid Puke! Yuk!

Dana Lakey Martin


keriley1 keriley1

Yeah, he is clearly a sissy.

mcfar... mcfarterson

This kid has been a rude little turd lately in every story hes mentioned in......His cocky behavior is pathetic... He needs a good ole' fashioned ass-kicking to help him find his humility again.  

Nelli... NellieAthome

He was acting like a spoiled brat. No one who is properly raised pushes or elbows people and they certainly do not curse when called on their inappropriate behavior.

surro... surromama

Did you even watch the video? How is he a wimp? Where's the assault? He tried to get to the car, we can't see if the guy jumped in front of him. That guy was flipping out and trying to start something, Justin just reacted.

nonmember avatar Kyle

I suggest that all of you should watch the video first before judging. Both party's at fault, no one's a saint in the incident. And yes, I have watched the video on tv.

there... theresaphilly

This is too funny, Why did the security hold Justin back, I am certain that the other person was   not going to run. Justin would of gotten his punk ass beat. I like it when punk try to act tough! LMFAO

mrs.B... mrs.B2011

One of the "folks" he pushed while trying to get in the car was the guy trying to help him get in..looks like he was just trying to get in the car as quick as possible. Who knows, he snapped, happens to the best of us. I almost got in fight with a woman when she mistook my apology for not hearing her as an insult, she started yelling at me, I yelled back, which is something I don't usually do.

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