Demi Moore Reportedly Wants Spousal Support & That's Insane

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Divorce is never fun and it looks like Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher's divorce is shaping up to be a very not-fun time. Which I really don't get. Here are two people who haven't been married an incredibly long time (only since 2005), who have no children together, and who each have successful careers and money. What's there to fight about, really? Thank your lucky stars for your good fortune in life and move on. But reportedly it's not going down like that ... all because of Demi.

First we heard that negotiations dividing marital assets had broken down. Now TMZ is reporting that Demi actually wants spousal support from Ashton. Spousal support!!! Is this a joke?

According to a source, Demi is asking Ashton for spousal support even though she's worth "way more" than he is and "has money up the wazoo."

I think Demi isn't aware of the spirit of spousal support. This should be for a woman who makes significantly less than her husband or has sacrificed her money-earning potential to make a home or raise a family while her husband worked. I don't think it's supposed to be, "Ashton made a lot of money while he was with me, therefore he owes me spousal support." That line of thinking should be for dividing up the marital assets, which is different.

It's not like Demi can't make a living. And even if no one in Hollywood wants to hire her -- surely she has a nest egg that will keep her comfortably alive for the rest of her life.

This just sounds like revenge tactics to me. Demi is clearly pissed that Ashton cheated and that Ashton has moved on so quickly with Mila Kunis. And who can blame her? I'd be pissed too. But money is not going to bring Ashton back. C'mon, Demi. You're better than this, girl!

Do you think Demi deserves spousal support?

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lobus lobus

I think shes being vindictive. But if I got cheated on by my much younger spouse for the whole nation to see, Id be vindictive too...

Sweet... SweetPieMama24

honestly I think it's really shitty of her - she's worth a lot more than that - she probably took Bruce Willis to the cleaners too! there is no proof though that he cheated on her, is there? there were just RUMORS - nothing confirmed, or am I missing something?? Who knows who she was out with too. I hope the judge throws that out cuz it's just ridiculous. You don't want to be with him yet you want his money.

Jo Fickett

NO ! I hope this get's thrown right out of court. She probably makes more than him anyway.Her hate will come back on her.Before,back in the day I liked all her movies and sorry she is doing this,it's a shame.Demi, All the money in the world won't make you happy.It's time to grow up and move on.Be a Lady.

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