Justin Bieber Hospitalized & His Bad Week Just Got Worse

Justin BieberWhat a bad week it's been for Justin Bieber. From his crappy birthday, to being slammed by Olivia Widle for never wearing a shirt, The Biebs hasn't exactly started his 19th year out on a good foot. Tonight, however, it got even worse when he passed out on stage during a performance at London's O2 arena and was taken to the hospital.

His rep told E!, "He got oxygen from emergency personnel. He insisted on finishing the show. He is on the way to the hospital right now." Sources said he told the audience he didn't feel well and went backstage to meet with a doctor who recommended he end the show then. Justin, however, went back out and finished the show before being transported to the hospital.

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Fortunately, it sounds like he's going to be okay. He recently tweeted: 

getting better. thanks for everyone pulling me thru tonight. best fans in the world. figuring out what happened. thanks for the love

So phew.  The question now is why it happened. The most likely cause is exhaustion; he's not exactly known for taking it easy. Or maybe it's something in the air since Kelly Osbourne was also rushed to the hospital today after she collapsed. (Of course, that happened in Los Angeles, so it would have to be in a lot of air.) Or maybe it had something to do with that gas mask he's been sporting. Could that be some medical treatment in disguise rather than the quirky statement we first assumed?

At this point we don't know. But we do know that the Biebs seems to be doing well now -- well enough to post a shirtless picture of himself on Instagram. The caption reads, "Getting better listening to Janice Joplin." Always thinking of his fans, that Justin. But oh, isn't Olivia going to love that?

Get better, Biebs.

Any guesses as to why Justin Bieber collapsed on stage?


Image via Instagram

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Delamara Delamara

Awesome...knowing most of his fans are preteen girls, lets post a picture shirtless and even showing part of his underwear. Does this kid just hate clothes? Everyone is so quick to call girls sluts for posting pictures like this. 

nonmember avatar Lotte

lol that he took the time to pull down his hospital gown before taking this picture.

nonmember avatar HS

You do realize gas masks are often used for drug use right? And pictures have already surfaced of him doing drugs. Yeah, "exhaustion"...I guess that's what they're calling it now *rollnmyeyes*

Maggi... Maggie.ames

I have two chat rooms...Nashville and Scandal, which is heating up as we speak..



sterl... sterling21

I am not a Bieber fan, but I am a fan of mothering. He went from regular kid to superstardom and his body and health is suffering from the effects. He is somebodies baby boy, who is watching him self distruct and the world loving every minute of his fall. Really sick, ironic he is listening to anohter young star who self distructed while fans clapped and critics mocked. I would be horrified to "see" my son in trouble and people thinking its funny and refusing to help.

Tangl... TangledBlue

The only thing I absolutely dread about my daughter becoming a tween/teenager is her probable obsession with dbag pop stars like this. 

melis... meliscool72

more attention. He wants the attention and knows that he is not well liked in the adult realm, he wants sympothy I guess. I mean, come on, if you are going to do drugs and all that and then pass out what are people going to really think about you? He is a child's idol and he does drugs? Now what a role model, I am sick of hearing things about him.

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