'Teen Mom' Kailyn Lowry's Book Will Be a Painful Read

Kailyn LowryIf there's one sure sign that Teen Mom mania has swept America, it's the speed with which Farrah Abraham's memoir was snatched off shelves. Now another star of the reality series is talking authorship, and we can hardly wait to hear what she has to say. Just don't expect Kailyn Lowry to walk us back down the Teen Mom path, m'kay?

In fact, when the reality star sat down with The Stir a few months back, the details she shared make her future book sound even more inspiring than the Kailyn we see struggling to get it right on TV.

We asked Kail at the time if she'd give us more detail on how she became a Teen Mom, and she told us no, explaining:

I think it's going to more or less focus on my childhood and what the cameras didn't get.

She wasn't ready to go into more detail at the time, but fast forward to this week, and Kailyn opened up a bit more about the book on Twitter. She's going to tackle her childhood with a drug addict and an absentee dad.

Sounds like gut-wrenching stuff. This is a reality for American kids, but not one we tend to associate with our TV stars, certainly fresh-faced smiling girls like Kailyn.

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But if Kailyn is ready to make it public, I say good for her. She's come a long, long way since we first met her on 16 & Pregnant, from a girl who was living with her boyfriend's parents and so afraid of losing her house that she'd sneak around behind their backs to a woman standing on her own two feet with a husband by her side. She's taken her lumps along the way, but let's face it, Kailyn is one of the few bona fide success stories.

As she once told The Stir, having absentee parents definitely helped her end up as a Teen Mom. But Kailyn has triumphed despite it, and a book detailing that could give a lot of kids growing up in the same tough situation a lot of much-needed hope.

Will you be picking up Kailyn's book when it comes out?


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nonmember avatar Jenna

Enough with these girls. She has had no different a life than a lot of people. The only difference is that she was able to overcome her obstacles because she made a lot of money off the fact that she got pregnant as a teenager. She didn't struggle as long as some people do.

zmont... zmontague

I probably wouldn't buy the book but I would probably take it out of the library.

nonmember avatar Sarah

Yeah, I have to disagree. She's not a bona fide success story, she simply is not as big of a screw up, publicly, as the others.

Candace Marie Butler

I often found myself admiring Kail's candid demeaner, she is alot more mature than many people in their 30's and sadly more mature than some people I know in their 40's, 50's and even 60's. You may not like what Kail has to say all the time but at least you never have to ponder what she's thinking or where you stand, she will tell you. Go Kail! 

Lili0509 Lili0509

I like her and the show is intresting, then again I do find other humans intresting and I like to see the differences among us.....we're all diiferent and we all have a different and our own unique story. I don't think I'll buy the book, but when its at the library or maybe reduced, I will check it out!

Katie Cruz

I love her. I will definitely be reading her book. She's been through a lot more than many people have. I'm glad she's got it together now with someone who deserves her. :)

Eddie... EddiesMama1983

I always like Kailyn and I can't wait to read her book!

Geo E Brooks

yes! Can't wait to read it.  I would be proud to be her Mom, she is doing a great job!


Gail Gardiner

you should be very proud of yourself u are the greatest mom love watching the way u love ur son

nonmember avatar Ashley C

I am so so so tired of people glorifying the "teen mom" crap....can we please put more focus on the girls that are getting their educations, going to college, getting degrees, getting good careers going.....we are sending the wrong message to the girls that are growing up...basically what we are telling them is "go ahead and get pregnant...u might end up on TV and make some money...continue to make bad choices like do a porn (Farrah was doing porn - not a sex tape)...do all the drugs you want to but don't worry you won't end up in jail (Jennelle)....seriously give me a break...all these girls are not role models for the little girls that are growing up...i hope parents recognize this...

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