‘Bachelorette’ Star Emily Maynard Accidentally Reveals Why She’s Still Single

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emily maynardYou guys, Emily Maynard is giving out dating advice! What should you wear on your first date? Em says: "I don’t think you can go wrong with a pair of skinny black jeans or leather pants and a cute top with some funky heels, and just make it your own with the accessories." What look do guys hate the most? Em says: "Red lipstick. Every guy I’ve ever been around does not like red lipstick, for some reason." One more question, Em. How do you turn that engagement into a marriage that stands the test of time?


Emily? Emily? Hello? Uh oh, we broke the Emily.

This, people. THIS is why Emily Maynard is still single. Because she dates for a living on TV. Because while Emily has definitely got style for miles I don't think she's figured out the deeper stuff. It's like Emily is a genius at seducing men and figuring out exactly what they want ... on a date. Is Emily so good at dating she's never learned how to have a relationship?

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Maybe I'm being too hard on her. I mean, she's just answering the questions she was asked. But her number one tip for dating as a single mom is: "You really have to force yourself to do it." Okay! Can't wait to go out there and force myself to have dinner with a man! If you put it that way, this whole dating thing sounds like a total drag. I mean, thanks for acknowledging that we do have to leave the house at some point in order for that date to happen, Lady Obvious. But is that really all you have to tell us?

Emily always knows how to get her foot into the door. But what we single moms really need to know is how to stay in the room. And own it. Are you following me? (Did I go too far with that metaphor?) Poor Emily. I think this pretty much says everything about why she's always a Bachelorette but never a bride.

Do you think Emily is too superficial to make a relationship work?


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hexxuss hexxuss

Somehow I don't think I would take advice on ANYthing from her....

nonmember avatar James Powell

Emily Maynard is too immature and unstable emotionally to ever enter into a mature marriage relationship. Too self-centered.

nonmember avatar Nikki

Who the heck cares!! LOL

Laurie Saunders

Frankly, I think the author was harsh and ridiculous. First of all, for someone to expect Emily to have life's answers on relationships is unfair. She wouldn't know how to make a lasting marriage because, well for starters, she's never been married! (Duh! I think I'll get my 'lasting marriage' advice from someone with experience). Secondly, there ARE women who have to FORCE themselves to go on dates. Women who are shy, women who are insecure, women with anxiety... Emily has publicly admitted to dealing with all of the above in her life. And let's not forget the fact that she's a single mother. It's easier to focus on ourselves as mothers and not women, and a lot of them end up staying home being the caretaker and forgetting all about their own needs. Some women want to find love but are under the false pretense that it will just show up on their doorstep one fine day. Those are the women who wil eventually realize they HAVE to put themselves out there (and yes, force themselves to date) in order to find what they're looking for. Yes, she dated on TV, but she got money for her and her child to do so, and with her quiet demeanor, probably found it easier and more comfortable with cameras and crews around than having to date in real life. I wonder if this author has any clue how many women need strength, encouragement and support from other women, in order to feel comfortable with themselves, instead of jealousy, cattiness and bashing each other for not being perfect.

Sandra Blake

I think the real answer is that daddy Hendricks would probably have to approve the man or he would cut off the money.

nonmember avatar Jessica liley

Maybe you guys should google her. She was in a long term relationship with her child's father and then he passed away.

Ash Rob Davis

I dont think she is superficial. She is young. She is a single mum. I think she is doing a great job under the circumstances with every move and comment being scrutinised by the press. Nothing wrong with wanting a sucessful, loving and good looking guy to spend your life with. I want a sucessful, loving and beautiful woman to spend my life with. It's normal to want that. If she has a chance to pick amongst 25 guys then good for her. I wish I could do the same!

Marie Laport

i really appreciate the woman who spoke with compassion about emily's struggles. i've heard lots of mothers - married and single - finding it hard to feel sexy when you're running on fumes while breast feeding - hello!   

Roberta Howard

Who cares... She is a want to be star.... I feel for the Hendricks that they have to have her in their lives..Give them the child and see where she would be then.. User come to mind..

Sandy Wilson

I think that Emily is still emotionally distraught by her boyfriends passing. That is a huge damaging hurt for a young girl. If she wants to catch a man she needs to sit and deal with her hurts and hangups with a counselor. Most of the time, when you lose a loved one, it makes you a little gunshy about relationships because of the abandonment issue. She's scared of commitment. Can't blame her but she needs to deal with now or she may be single a long time. She should have picked Sean Lowe. I believe he would of been a great husband and father for Emily.

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