Robert Pattinson Reportedly Stops Kristen Stewart From Visiting & It’s Not a Good Sign

Robert Pattinson & Kristen StewartTwihards, have a seat. I have some news. It looks like the actors who play Edward and Bella in Twilight, the acclaimed Young Adult/Fantasy book series that was subsequently turned into a movie franchise, have called it quits. I know, I know, I know -- every day there's new, conflicting gossip on Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. One day they're engaged and pregnant throwing darts at a Rupert Sanders-shaped dart board; the next, they're fighting with each other and dating one another's friends. Who knows what to believe?

I don't. But I will say this latest rumor? It's bad, guys. And it really isn't doing much to dispute rumors that the couple has in fact split.

Single tear. 

In Touch is claiming that Rob, who's currently shooting a movie in Australia, has pretty much banned KStew, who's "constantly calling and texting him", from visiting him. He reportedly wants to "evaluate their relationship" on his own, and generally just doesn't want her around right now. Bad news for Bella.

This did come from In Touch, so yes, we should all take with a wheelbarrow full of salt, but still. The couple has supposedly gone seven weeks without seeing each other. That's a long time when you're young and have enough disposable cash to hop a plane to anywhere in the world at any given moment. Just saying. 

I'd like to see these two up-and-coming actors stay together, but I'd be fairly surprised if they did. Not only is it hard to go back from cheating, when you start prohibiting your girlfriend from visiting you halfway around the world, it's kind of a red flag.

Do you think this In Touch story has any truth to it? Have you ever bought an In Touch magazine?

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twili... twilightsbella

Damit can you guys write about them without ur source being from a trashy magazine. Of course they will lie in the magazines they want people to buy it. Just leave kristin & rob alone

nonmember avatar jamie

Why are you rooting for them to stay together? She's a cheater. If she's cheating now what will she be doing in 5, 10 years? Take the hint and get out, RPattz

Andrea Murano

all i can say is, theyre young. Rob can do better. thats it. Whatever

Nancy Halverson

It is possible he has a demanding role with many lines to learn and eve n trying to stay "in character" and does not want to be distracted. He may just be saying, "Not right now." Maturity and responsibility and dedication to craft.

nonmember avatar Vampirelady13

Jamie do you know her personally. I hate people who say they cheat once they will do it again. I know thats not true for a fact.I did once because we were having problems no that did not fix the it but we did work through our problems and are still together 24 years later. So how true is your statement now.

Heath... Heatherdeaton

I hope Robert finds someone better. She's a conceited bitch who has had a silver spoon since birth. The only reason she gets any jobs is because her parents are big in the business. That's a fact since she was voted worst actor and I agree she sucks. He is a kind and humble person and deserves someone like him. I personally can't stand her after her comments to the cameraman and the jab about the actors on Disney channel. My kids watch that and those kids on there have TRUE talent they don't just stare at the camera and smile like she said. Really bitch you're going to pick on kids that says a lot about you now doesn't it. They are way better than she is and have bright futures where she is just going to fade away cuz she sucks. My info by the way comes from the twilight mags not shitty tabloids.

nonmember avatar Atlantagirl

I think she should respect Rob's wishes & leave the man alone. ie...if you love him, Kristen, set him free.

Mommy... Mommyof3hree

I am a self proclaimed tabloid junky so yes I have bought and (I am sharing a guilty plessure here) a subscription!! I don't know much about these two. But I do agree that she needs to respect his wishes and stay away. I think he is right to want some time away because of all the scandal that seems to hover over their relationship. I enjoy a juicy tid bit as much as the next. I wouldn't be surprised if he did call it quits. There is no reason to be with her anymore. I heard somewhere that they where paid to be together after the Rupert thing just to sell tickets to the movie. If that is the case, then I wouldn't be surprised because there is no more money in it for him. And he obviously is still understandably upset about it.

nonmember avatar kassidy kramer

I agree with vampirelady13 for the first two sentences. Rob just wants to focus on him work. Kstew needs a reality check, she needs to get this throw her thick head, she can't be with him every min. of every day. She needs to give him some space, not to much because then he might freak out. She could call or text him "good morning", "good after noon" and/or "good night".

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