Justin Bieber Rocks a Gas Mask & We’ve Got His Logic All Figured Out (PHOTO)


Justin BieberI just don't know what to do with Justin Bieber anymore. The kid's running around with his shirt off, he's getting all Kanye West with his Twitter rants, and now ... he's wearing a gas mask. I'm serious. Biebs was walking around London looking like he was prepared for World War II to break out again. What's worse? This isn't the first time he's thrown it on, either.

Bieber, WHAT'S HAPPENING HERE? I swear, you're becoming Miley Cyrus. All this acting out, and soon you're gonna, like, dye your hair blue and say goodbye to Twitter and wear weird workout clothes and AHHHH, I can't handle this MADNESS. But really, there are a few reasons he could be rockin' this World War II chic look. Maybe Justin Bieber has valid reasons for wearing the gas mask, like these:

1. You're trying to go the opposite of shirtless: Which would be covering up as many extremities as possible. If you're really hardcore about this Bieber, I'd suggest putting gloves on too.

2. You're being preventative: With the gas mask on, there's no way you can see your iPhone screen as clearly. That means that tweeting to excess would be difficult. By wearing this gas mask, you're preventing yourself from saying anything else ridiculous on social media.

3. Your manager made you put it on: Because hello, free publicity.

4. You're trying to make a fashion statement: I don't know. I'm not really sure that gas masks are going to be a popping accessory this spring. It doesn't scream sexy to me, personally.

5. You're trying to scare your fans: Scaring away your fans means that they won't mob you. Them not mobbing you means you'll have an easier time getting around.

6. Your attitude stinks: So bad that you can't even handle it.

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What do you think about Justin Bieber's gas mask?


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nonmember avatar Marci

does he think he is Michael Jackson????? or maybe one of MJ's kids - yikes, what a nerd

Nycti... Nyctimene

The only thing I can think of is that he's trying to prevent people from taking pictures of his face. Either just because or maybe he's having some sort of acne breakout or somesuch.

Either way, he's following the same pattern as every former teen celeb/pop star. They're sweet when they first come out and are easy for their Momagers to control at 14, 15, 16 and then they get huge and adored, buy into their hype, are worth millions before they know the value of anything, are surrounded by 'yes' people who want their money and won't disagree and go nuts. It happened to Britney Spears, it happened to Christina Aguilera when she changed from sweet popstar to 'Drrrty!' wearing chaps and a g-string. It happened to Miley Cyrus when she went from cute Hannah Montana to a mohawk and young marriage and tattoos. Now it's happening to Justin Beiber. Not surprised and with how much he's trying to make himself 'hood' or 'ghetto' by hanging around a lot of rappers he'll probably be releasing a rap album in the next year or two.

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