Jake Gyllenhaal Is Dating Someone Way Out of His League

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jake gyllenhaalSomewhat ironically, it was right around the time he was being lauded for his turn as a "gay cowboy" that I became totally infatuated with Jake Gyllenhaal. But perhaps also ironically, his failed relationships with other A-list ladies over the years have been something of a turnoff. Dating Taylor Swift was by far the last straw! The guy's 32 -- she was, what, 16?! Okay, more like he was 30, and she was 21. But still, what the heck is he thinking?! Also, does he fancy himself in the same league as lifelong, too suave-to-marry celeb bachelors George Clooney and Leonardo DiCaprio? Not seeing it!

At any rate, he's been single since a brief relationship with Minka Kelly last summer. But new reports say he's been dating a new flame! Who's the lucky lady?!

Drumroll please ...

It's ... Emily DiDonato. Never heard of her? Neither had I. Turns out, she's a model based in NYC who was "featured" in Sports Illustrated's 2013 swimsuit edition. (Which basically translates to good job you're a hottie, but you're no Kate Upton!)

Emily and Jakey have been dating "for a month or two," according to an insider. And where did the happy couple meet? The posh spinning studio SoulCycle in Manhattan. They likely bonded over their shared passions ... fitness, staying in shape, looking hot, smiling. The usual. 

Yes, I'm pouring on the sarcasm thick because I just don't get what the dude's doing. Maybe he's closeted, and Emily is his latest beard. Maybe he's straight but a commitaphobe? Or an egomaniac. (The source did say of Jake's visits to SoulCycle, "He'll hop on the instructor bike. He loves the attention from the girls!" Uh-huh. Hmm ... What about the boys?!)

Anyway, it's disappointing, because if he is straight, it would be much more satisfying to see him with someone equally famous and successful -- like Katie Holmes! What happened there?! Even if that was never gonna pan out, it's not like there's a shortage of gorgeous, smart, wife-worthy women his own age (or older!) he'd probably have a greater chance of getting serious with.

But for now, guess he just wants to screw around spin with a barely legal SI sweetie. Good luck with that, Jake! Hey, at least she's not a singer-songwriter who's gonna bash you in a top 40 hit down the road!

What do you think about Jake's new flame? Who would you like to see him with?


Image via Siebbi/Wikimedia

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nonmember avatar blh

BC he's dating someone younger and hot he must be gay?? Good logic. Mind your own business.

UKFan136 UKFan136

They're only 10 years apart...my husband & I were 17 years apart. 10 years is no big deal, and they do have common interests, so it doesn't seem strange to me!

Rando... Randomlady

Sounds like someone is a little jealous of this little Emily. Not like he needs to have an arranged marriage by public vote or anything. Maybe we should talk about the actress who played seven of nine on star trek and married and bore children with a common chef? Or the Olsen twin dating someone who isn't her age and equally famous?

Cindi Allen

Wow, the writer was a little rough on him, ya think?

Felly... FellyScarlett

You sound like a moron. Also, personal opinion, that girl's waaayyyy hotter than Upton.

nonmember avatar elena

How can a model be "way out of his league" when you clearly state that he should date "someone equally famous and successful"??? The contradiction in your writing is staggering. Are you bipolar? Or just dumb? Besides being a homophobe with all your snarky remarks about "gay cowboys", or "what about the boys".
He's an A-list Oscar-nominated, famous actor. A model is out of his league? Maybe viceversa.
And what about the age? Since when is 22 barely illegal? 10 years difference - nothing outrageous or inappropiate. Except your vitriol-filled piece of so-called journalism.

nonmember avatar linda

Wow, butthurt much? How is it that you write articles is beyond me. Even my five year old daughter knows to have a smart mouth without the bitter hag syndrome.

Emily's a very accomplished model and is known for nabbing a cosmetics contract for Maybelline when she was 17. Just because she's "not Kate Upton" doesn't mean she's not doing well.

It's a story that isn't verified but hearsay.

nonmember avatar Ashley Peterson

Your headline cracks me up. Yay - someone gets your drift!

Anyone who follows blind item gossip knows that Jake is supposed to be the infamous "Toothy Tile." Is he really gay? Who knows. But regardless, this 'relationship' with this model Emily just screams PUBLICITY.

US Weekly doesn't go after these stories, you know. They are spoon-fed to them by publicists.

Jake has spent most of the past month filming in Atlanta and the model has been on a promotion tour for the swimsuit issue, so how have they found time to date? And why would your PR team give an exclusive to US Weekly when you've only been on 2-3 dates, and when you are someone who supposedly guards your privacy? And why mention SoulCycle, who everyone knows pays celebrities for association promotion?

Jake doesn't care about privacy. Jake cares about promoting Jake, and Emily cares about promoting Emily, and Soul Cycle just wants their name in the press.

BTW that Emily gal is gorgeous - she should be huge. And she will be if she keeps up this smart PR strategy - "dating" A list actors via the pages of US Weekly.

nonmember avatar Monica

Wow! Sounds like someone was attacked by the green-eyed monster! Jealous much??

nonmember avatar Kate

Jake Gyllenhaal is not all that! The only movie I liked him in was Prince of Persia; and Love and Other Drugs! 21 and 30,that's 9 years! I was 21 when I met my now husband; Taylor and he were both adults; I see nothing wrong with that! Lately, she dates younger guys!

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