Kourtney Kardashian May Never Marry Scott Disick & It's All Kim's Fault

scott disick and kourtney kardashianWith Kim Kardashian being as famous as she is, we sometimes forget that Kourtney Kardashian is her older sister. The one you'd think would be calling the shots. And while she does sometimes, Kim might actually be the one (at least indirectly) leading the charge on matters near and dear to Kourt's heart. Like whether or not she's going to ever marry Scott Disick! Yep, Kim's the one keeping the happy parents of two from saying "I do."

At least that's what YourTango Expert Meri Arnett-Kremian believes. She thinks Kim's very public divorce and relationship drama may have taken a serious toll on Kourtney's own relationship.

Arnett-Kremian says:

When you’re close to a sibling, their divorce trauma is virtually certain to impact you. If you’re a public figure, when you see someone you're close to go through that, you're likely to decide to avoid that kind of publicity at all costs. Taken to extreme, that may include not marrying someone you love.

At first, it is a bit of a stretch. After all, I'd be more inclined to believe that if any Kardashian is to blame for Kourtney's resistance to wed, it's koo-koo momager Kris Jenner! Who, as soon as Scott popped the Q, would want to start working on a multimillion dollar biz deal for a TV special, or at the very least, a celeb mag exclusive feature. But then again, watching Kim's very public relationship roller coaster ride over the past year and a half had to be to Kourtney's already nonchalant views on marriage.

Being exposed to any toxic marital difficulties -- especially those suffered by really close loved ones -- can totally poison your perspective on it. I've always felt like people who were children of divorce (including my fiance) are usually more skeptical about long-term relationships and marriage than I am. (My parents' marriage is going on 37 years.) Similarly, seeing a best friend or a close sibling or anyone you love suffer through a painful divorce must give you the jitters about getting hitched.

That said, it's definitely sad to think witnessing a loved one's misfortune could prevent someone from taking a leap that may be perfectly right for them. Everyone's relationship is different.

In other words, yes, Kim's marriage to Kris failed, and she's got a world of crazy on her hands right now between divorce court proceedings and her pregnancy. But that really doesn't have much of anything to do with Kourtney and Scott's relationship. If Kourt believes it's right, she should let go of any negativity related to Kim (OR Kris, for that matter) ... and finally let Mason and Penelope's daddy put a ring on it!

Do you think Kim's divorce could be holding Kourtney and Scott back? Have your loved ones' relationships influenced your views on marriage?


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chech... chechimansmama

I don't think so. Scott had asked kourtney to marry him way before Kim's divorce drama. And Kourtney has said that it is her moms divorce that has lead to her decision. Hence the strain in the relationship with her mom

Jeannine Hart

Can't she decide for herself? I don't know how Scott puts up with that. She's lucky he stays with her. But then again maybe he's lucky their not married!

nonmember avatar Christie

@chechimansmama you are exactly right, she has said many times on the show that it was her mother's divorce that makes her not want to marry. And Scott's douche-baggy ways doesn't help any either.

mamadola mamadola

I do think that Kourt takes into consideration what Kim is going thru and thinks that in the end it is not worth it and I agree.  Her and Scott seem strong in their relationship (that is from edited tv shows) and if marriage is not in the cards it doesn't lessen their relationship.

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